Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2017 WU

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya talking. Dasi comes to Pragya and tell her that she heard two people talking and planning to kill Purab. Pragya says we shall go there. Nikhil hides. Dadi asks Janki who was that man? Nikhil thinks he have to kill Purab somehow. Pummy sees pakodas and have it. Nikhil goes home. Pragya and Dasi come there. Janki comes out of Purab’s room and tells that she has just changed Purab’s glucose bottle. Pragya sees fake moustache and asks Janki. Janki tells that some drummer collided with her and insulted her. Pragya wonders why someone came with fake moustache. Janki goes. Pragya checks Purab and tells that he is fine. She tells Dasi that they shall change his room until danger goes off from his life. She tells that Aaliya can’t try to harm him as she was crying for him. They make Purab sit on wheel chair and take him to other room.

Tanu thinks she will celebrate once Nikhil gives news about Purab’s death. She sees Abhi there and thinks where is Pragya? She thinks to be with Abhi at the time of Purab’s murder, so that nobody can doubt on her. Nikhil comes to her and tells that Dadi and Mitali are after him. Tanu tells him some plan. Nikhil comes back after washing his face. Tanu asks why did you wash your face, I asked you to change your clothes. She asks him to tie yellow cloth on his head and colors his face. Nikhil asks what you are doing? Tanu says I am hiding your face, now nobody will identify you. Nikhil says you have become smart. Tanu asks him to go.

Pragya and Dasi are taking Purab to other room. Purab falls down and gets consciousness. He looks at Pragya and Dasi. He identifies them. Pragya and Dasi take him to other room. Pragya brings water. Purab drinks water. Pragya sees his hand bleeding and applies ointment. Purab says I am in Abhi’s house and asks where is everyone? Dasi says everyone is playing holi. Purab says today is holi. Pragya says you got consciousness today, everyone will be fine. Dasi says our tension will go now. Purab asks what? Pragya asks him not to take tension. Purab asks them to tell what is the matter? Pragya asks him not to take stress. He insists and asks him to tell. Pragya tells him that Dasi heard two people talking to each other who came to kill you. Purab is shocked and asks who are they? Dasi says I couldn’t see their faces.

Pragya asks him to tell who did his accident? She says Inspector told that your accident was planned. She asks did you see someone at the accident spot. Purab pressurizes his mind to remember and recollects. He tells that he was hit by the truck. Pragya asks did you see anyone there. Purab recalls someone smashing Abhi and Pragya’s collage, but couldn’t recollect seeing Nikhil. He says someone came when I was in a pool of blood, injured. He was saying something about Abhi and you, but I couldn’t see his face or hear him properly. Pragya says this is the same person who is trying to kill you today. Dasi says that’s why we shifted you from Aaliya’s room to Abhi’s room. Purab says let him come, then only we will catch him.

Pragya asks what you are saying? Purab says he will try to kill me again and again, and says we have to catch him. He says he is enemy of you both also, we have to catch him and can’t let him be free. Pragya says but. Purab says just like you wants to save me, even I wants to save you both. Pragya says but. Purab asks her to give him last chance and says if he is Tanu’s man then we can stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Pragya worries about him. Purab says nothing will happen to me. Dasi asks him to tell what they need to do. Purab asks them to make him lie down on the place where he was before. He shares his plan and says we will catch him. He won’t go safe.

Abhi worries where is Pragya and thinks whenever she is not around, I get worried that she is in trouble. Pragya comes and asks Dasi to get CCTV cam on. Abhi thinks to scare Pragya, but Pragya scares him. They argue. Pragya asks him to go and thinks he will get scared even this time. Abhi thinks to scare her. Pragya gets shocked as a fat man laughs and runs to Abhi. Abhi asks if she is scared. He says happy holi. Pragya falls on him. Allah Wariyan plays…………….They have an eye lock.

Nikhil comes to kill Purab. Purab falls down from the bed. Nikhil takes out the sharp knife.

Written Update by H Hasan


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