from past couple of days, the internet is abuzz with the utterly stylish, sometimes sensuous, most of the time drop dead gorgeous pictures of the Sharma’s. Sharma’s – Nia Sharma & Karishma Sharma though not bonded by blood but are bound together by their profession are the two firecrackers who are setting the screen ablaze with their smoldering shots!

Nia Sharma is no stranger to controversies, the controversies child has shrugged off the bubbling controversies like a shrug of her silky mane and has given us a couple of heart-stopping pics.

Karishma Sharma is the newest and we may add, raging internet sensation. With her saucy poses and sultry looks, the former Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is racking up followers (Instagram) followers in thousands.

A peek at their photos will reveal why the Sharma Girls are breaking the INTERNET!!

Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma attitude

Nia Sharma under water

Nia Sharma in twisted

Nia Sharma shadow play

Nia Sharma by Tony Kakkar

Nia Sharma

Karishma Sharma


Karishma Sharma

karisshma sharma in bikni

Karishma in pants


Pic Credits: Instagram


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