Rangeela walks through the market place when he realizes everyone was mocking at him… He realizes it won’t stop until he leaves Berahampur…

Gulguli asks Shivani to ask for forgiveness from Veer but she refuses to accept Veer as her husband… Meanwhile Veer whipped himself as a punishment… Rangeela stops Veer but he asked him to let go… Rangeela asks for Veer’s permission to leave Berahampur… Veer denies saying only death can tear them apart… Veer ordered Rangeela to stay back so that he would remind Veer of his failure…

Gulguli requests Sarkar to let go of Rangeela but he refuses… Gulguli questions Sarkar’s feelings towards Rangeela but he makes excuses… But at last Gulguli convinced Sarkar to change his decision…

Jagir mixes sleeping pill in water and offers it to Veer… His intention was to put Veer to sleep so that Rangeela could be thrown out of Berahampur in his absence…

Sarkar made Rangeela swear on fire to leave Berahampur forever… Rangeela agrees and searches for Veer… Jagir informs Rangeela that Veer doesn’t wish to see him… Rangeela wasn’t convinced… Sarkar hugs him one last time and asks him to leave… Jagir asks everyone to turn back to make the separation easier… Everyone follows and Rangeela leaves…

Precap: Shivani is locked up in a prison…

Update Credit to: June


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