Jhanvi says you have given cheated my son and broke his heart. Gauri says no, you slap me and hit me to the wall, why will I cheat my husband. Jhanvi asks husband, what do you want to say. Gauri sees Om and says I m Omkara ji’s wife, he is my husband. Jhanvi gets shocked and asks what rubbish. Some time before, Gauri goes to change clothes. She says where did I keep the wig and looks for it. Jhanvi comes and shows the wig, saying its here. Gauri gets tensed. Real Shwetlana comes in the living room. Shwetlana goes to Om’s room and says Om is already in basement, he will know my secret if he sees real Shwetlana, I have to go there.

The lady sees real Shwetlana and says you changed so soon. She sees Mata rani idol and goes there, while lady asks for singer’s number. She thanks Mata Rani

for saving her. Jhanvi asks what’s this. Gauri says forgive me, I was helpless to do now. Jhanvi says you are staying a guy, you lied and cheated. Gauri says trust me, I was helpless to become a guy, I badly needed a job. Jhanvi asks what’s Om’s photo doing with you, why did you fill your maang with his blood, I need an answer, tell me, it would be better that you say this in front of Om. Gauri worries.

Shwetlana goes to basement and sees Om and Rudra. She hides. Real Shwetlana sits near the idol. Buamaa sees her and thinks did she change, maybe its her new acting, she was saying I challenge Mata Rani, now she is in Mata Rani’s feet. Real Shwetlana faints. Buamaa says a new drama.

Rudra says I don’t know what Shwetlana does in this freezer, agreed she does beauty treatment, but she could have kept this in her room. Shwetlana worries. Om says its empty, what’s the meaning of empty freezer. She says where did Shwetlana go, if she has run away, if anyone sees her, I will have to find her. She leaves. Om and Rudra turn to see. She looks for real Shwetlana and says I will have to find her. Om says I m sure Shwetlana is using this freezer for something which she does not want us to know, we have to find out. Lady sprinkles water on real Shwetlana. Buamaa says get up and say what you want, attention seeker.

Real Shwetlana wakes up and says Maa… She holds Buamaa. She asks her to save her and faints. Jhanvi asks Gauri to come. Gauri says no. Jhanvi takes her. Buamaa thinks how did she come in my feet, what’s the matter. Jhanvi takes Gauri. Gauri asks her not to do this, I will tell you everything, don’t tell this to Om. Jhanvi says life cheated my son, he did not know friendship will also cheat, I don’t know what’s your motive, I just know Om regarded Chulbul as his best friend, Chulbul broke his heart and cheated him, there is no difference between you and Shwetlana, you both can do anything for money, Om will decide now. Gauri says trust me, I did not become guy to cheat. Buamaa makes real Shwetlana lie on bed and asks her to get up.

Shwetlana hears ladies talking about real Shwetlana fainting. She thinks to do something before she gets conscious. Gauri sees Om and asks Jhanvi not to tell anything to Om, person breaks when trust breaks, when I came in this house, I did not know its Om’s house, Shwetlana gave me 3 months salary and kept me on job. Jhanvi asks do you know Om, girls like you act of love and friendship for money. Jhanvi says you have given cheated my son and broke his heart. Gauri says no, you slap me and hit me to the wall, why will I cheat my husband.

Jhanvi asks husband, what do you want to say. Gauri sees Om and says I m Omkara ji’s wife, he is my husband. She recalls her marriage. Om goes to Buamaa. Jhanvi gets shocked and asks what rubbish, will I believe this, Om will never hide any relation. Gauri says he would have said if he accepted this relation and marriage, my name is Gauri Kumari Sharma, 5th standard pass from Bareilly. She tells everything about Kaali Thakur, and how Om married her to save her life. She says whatever I did was for him, I don’t love Om, I do his worship, person should come close to love, worship is done from far, so I m happy being away from him, he is not less than Lord for me, he saved my life, don’t snatch my Lord and worship, don’t tell my truth, he will break.

Jhanvi asks did you come to hide and get your right. Gauri says no, I came to do my duty, my Patni Dharm, he does not believe in this relation, I will not force relation on him. Jhanvi asks don’t you want anything in return. Gauri says nothing, what’s done to get something is business, not love, love is done to lose oneself, I don’t want to become part of Om’s life, I swear on Shankar ji, my fate got me here, not my wish, I thought to tell him truth, but I could not say, and he could not hear, I have no cheat in heart, its just devotion, this marriage is true for me, not for Om, Chulbul’s friendship is true for him, don’t snatch this truth. Jhanvi says you have to leave this house. Om sprinkles water on real Shwetlana. She wakes up. He holds her. She asks what are you doing. She asks Buamaa to save her. Buamaa says she is calling me Maa ji. She scolds her.

Real Shwetlana says I m not that you think. Om says we know who are you. She says if you know, then help me. He asks her to shut up. She says why are you angry, I m just asking help. He scolds her and asks her not to fool her. He says tell me the connection of your and that fridge in basement. She recalls her friend stabbing her and getting her face.

Jhanvi says I don’t want you here as Chulbul or Gauri, I don’t want his heart to break, just leave. Gauri says I will see him once. Jhanvi says no, just go. Gauri says fine, I will go away from this house and Om. Jhanvi says before Om sees you or tries finding Chulbul, you should leave. Gauri says as you say and takes her blessings. Jhanvi asks what are you doing. Gauri says one earns good deeds by touching elder’s feet, if not blessings, I promise you Om will not be hurt because of me. She touches Jhanvi’s feet.

Gauri says this is the chance to leave, before Om finds me. Om finds Chulbul and calls. Gauri gets his call. He turns to see her. Kaali Thakur arrives in the city.

Update Credit to: Amena


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