The Episode starts with Naira saying I have seen them coming here. The man says this is shortcut, their house is very good, come with me. Lav and Kush get worried seeing the goons. They try running away. The goons kidnap them. They talk that the kids are from Goenka family, their brother stays nearby, we have to leave from here. Kartik thinks Naira said kids will be near temple, but there is no one here. Mishti asks will they be fine, I m scared. Devyaani says everything will be fine, even I m worried, shall I tell someone here, maybe we are worrying for no reason.

Thee goon says police will do anything to find them. Lav and Kush try to open the ropes. Naira says why will they come here, there is no house here. She gets a call and asks Kartik did he reach. He says yes, where are

you, I told you to stay in building. She says I told guard to call us if kids come home, my heart says they are around. Lav and Kush get freed. Naira gets shocked seeing footprints. Lav and Kush run away. The goons run after them. Kartik asks someone about the kids. The man says no, I did not see them.

Lav hugs Naira. Naira asks the goons to stay away. She asks him to call Kartik by her phone and sends him. She throws a box at goons and runs. The goons run after them. Lav reaches Kartik and hugs him. Kartik asks him not to cry, where is Kush. Lav says Naira and Kush are lost. Naira finds Kush and hugs him. She sees goons coming and runs. Kartik comes there and holds her hand. He beats the goons. He scolds them. Police comes there. Kush asks who called police. Lav says I called them seeing the police jeep passing by. Kartik calls him smart. Kartik hugs them. He asks are you two mad to go alone. The kids apologize. Naira cries and sees Kartik. She asks are you annoyed, do you also think this happened because of me. He turns his face away. They come home. Goenka family comes there and meets Naira, Kartik and kids.

Dadi asks where did you go. Surekha says we were worried for you. Naira says they are fine. Surekha says this happened because of you. Lav says no, its not her mistake. Kush says she asked me to come with Papa or Mansi, but we came alone. Kartik defends Naira and says she is not careless to ask kids to come alone. Naira sees him. He smiles. He says its not Naira’s mistake, she gets the credit to find them, we were trying ti find them, but Naira found and saved them. Surekha says enough, its not time to talk this, I will take kids to doctor and get their checkup done. The kid say we will go there later, we are fine. Naira says let them stay here for some time. Surekha says its imp to visit doctor. Naira says fine, wait for 5 mins, you all came here for first time, have tea, I will make it. Kartik says yes, Dadi have tea. Kids hug Kartik and says we don’t want to go.

Manish and Suwarna look on. Kartik asks the kids to go, I will come in evening with Naira, we will do boxing. Kids take his promise. Kartik hugs them. They all leave. Dadi cries seeing Kartik and Naira. She says I came your home for the first time, how can I go without giving shagun. She gives her bangle to Naira. She blesses them. Dadi leaves.

Dadi cries on the way. Manish asks why are you hurting your heart. She says these things are shattering me, my heart broke seeing Kartik staying in such a small house, he is a prince. Manish says I felt bad seeing him in such place. Dadi says woman can support husband and make him king, and in this case….. Kirti talks to Kartik and says checkup is done, kids are fine thanks to you and Naira, give phone to Naira. He says she is in kitchen. She asks is she fine.

He says no, was it Naira’s mistake, I feel I did right, I should have got away from family before. She asks him not to spoil mood, Naira needs you, she left her family and have hope that you will keep her happy, you don’t think this, concentrate on your and her happiness. Naira switches off lights. She sees the bangle.

She comes to room and sees the candles. Kartik comes there. He kisses her hand and hugs her. He says sorry, the decoration is low standard, don’t judge my love by this, and not my taste. He says decoration can be done better, but it will still be lighter in front of you. He lifts her in arms and gets close to her. She turns away. He gets intimate. Yahan wahan…..plays…….. Naira looks upset. He asks her if she is fine. He gets away from her. He says I understand, I won’t come close till you get comfortable, our relation is much bigger than this. She hugs him.

Surekha says we forgot media covers our Gangaur. Dadi says now none can save us from getting insulted. Manish says make some reason and cancel it. Akhilesh says there was marriage at home, everyone will have expectations. Manish asks what will we answer people. Suwarna says I feel they will come, they left home, they did not break relation, we should call them. Dadi says fine, call them, we will know did Naira break relations too.

Naira stops house agent and a couple from seeing the bedroom Kartik asks her to move and opens the bedroom door, saying this is our…. He gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena


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