The Episode starts with Naira getting hit by the goon. She gets hurt and falls down. Kartik asks the man to stop the car. He worries and says what’s happening, why am I feeling uneasy. The driver asks are you feeling unwell. The man says we did not get much jewelry, we will run from window. Naira’s head bleeds. Kartik calls Naira. His phone battery goes. Suwarna calls Naira. Kartik looks for charger. He asks the driver for phone. He calls Naira. Naira fails to reach phone. She faints.

Manish and Suwarna come there. The bodyguards break the door. Manish and Suwarna get shocked seeing Naira and plumber wounded and lying unconscious. Kartik messages Naira. Suwarna shouts Naira. Manish calls police/ambulance. Driver says we reached. Kartik looks at his home. He thinks where did

watchman go. He sees the people outside his flat. He sees plumber with police and inspector questioning watchman. He gets tensed and rushes. He sees Goenka’s bodyguards. He asks them to move and shouts Naira. He gets shocked seeing the blood marks on the floor. Kartik cries. Akhilesh looks at him. Kartik drops the bag and asks what happened to my Naira.

Manish and Suwarna take Naira to hospital. Naira gets treated. Dadi and Kirti come there and cry seeing Naira. Gayu, Devyaani, Naitik and Naksh also come there. They all get shocked and cry. Kartik is on the way to hospital. Doctor gives injection to Naira. Kartik’s bike stops. He runs to the hospital. Naksh talks to Manish. Manish says you would know Kartik is going Delhi for company work. Naksh says no, we did not know, else we would have not left Naira alone. Dadi says we did not know. Devyaani says we should have been careful. Manish says Suwarna told me, we should have reached some time before. Naksh says don’t blame yourself, you got Naira here. Dadi says I will pray for Naira, I will keep puja for her. Naksh hugs Dadi and cries.

Doctor checks Naira. Manish consoles Naitik. Naitik thanks Manish. He asks will Naira get fine. Manish says she will get fine. Doctor comes and says don’t worry, she is fine, thank God you got here on right time, it would have been tough to save her if there was much blood loss, its good you are joint family, it would be big problem if this happened when she was alone. Kartik comes and hears this.

They see Kartik. Kartik sees Naira and cries. Dadi says Naira is fine, don’t worry. Naitik says you promised you will take care of Naira. Naira takes Kartik’s name. Nurse comes out and asks who is Kartik, patient is taking Kartik’s name. Kartik says I m Kartik. Nurse says you can go and meet her.

Kartik goes to Naira. Naira cries and asks him not to get angry, I m sorry. Everyone look on. Naira says I did not call anyone, I locked door also, I don’t know… Kartik says don’t worry, its not your mistake. She says you are angry with me. He says no, can I get angry on you. She says I did not tell anyone. He says don’t say anything, calm down, doctor told you to rest. She says sorry. He says this happened because of me, my heart was not agreeing, so I came back from half way, when I reached home, I got to know this, really sorry, forgive me. She sees both families together and smiles. Kartik sees the blood on Manish’s shirt.

Bau ji tells everyone that Naira is fine now, Naitik called and informed. Bhabhimaa and Baisa thank Lord. Baisa says when family is together, problem does not become problem, why don’t they understand, despite having two families, they are staying alone. They pray for Kartik and Naira.

Kartik gets medicines. He recalls Manish and Dadi rushing Kartik’s mum to hospital. Doctor says sorry Manish ji, we could not save your wife, you should have got her 5mins before, sometimes time is very valuable, sorry. Manish and Dadi get shocked and cry. Kartik drops the medicines and cries.

Everyone take care of Naira. Kartik smiles. Suwarna feeds milk to Naira. Manish and Suwarna see Kartik. Naira gets up and says Kartik I m fine, we can go home, come. Naitik says how will you stay alone. Naira says its okay, I will go there. She sees Kartik.

Kartik and Naira come home. Dadi and Akhilesh talk to them. Kartik says Dadi…… Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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