Anika says no, and stands before Shivaye. The man shoots. Shivaye goes to him and says how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked.

Some time before, Shivaye and Anika fight with the goons. Goon Amar says let them go Prem, we will leave. Prem shoots Amar. Amar asks why did you shoot me and falls. Prem shoots at Shivaye and Anika. They move. Shivaye beats him and asks how dare you, you know who is she, she is my wife. Shivaye tries to snatch the gun. Bullet gets shot. Anika gets shocked and shouts Shivaye.

Amar sees him arm shot. He falls down. Anika hugs Shivaye. Music plays…..

She asks are you fine. He nods. He asks how are you. She says fine. He asks why did you come in between, if you got shot then,

what do you always save my life. She says I m such, I will always in between. He asks why. She says I m like that. He says even I m like that, I m trying to explain you, I m like you, you can’t see anyone in problem, I can’t be without knowing entire truth, I have this name, blood and family is wired inside me, I can’t change, I m trying, I don’t know what shall I do.

She says I m scared if anything comes in front, how will we face it, my future is affected by past, if my past is such that shakes our relation then… He says our relation can never shake, we won’t let it shake, we will handle it, like we handles these goons, some trees don’t bend in front of any storm, like me, stubborn, I m trying to change, it can’t happen soon, it takes time, its a lifelong process, we will change each other. She nods. He says journey is long, it will take time. They cry. He says our relation won’t be affected, its our responsibility, we accepted each other. She says yes. He says we will handle it and holds her face. Inspector says seeing you two, I recalled a poetry. He tells the lines, journey is long and tough, you change a bit, I will also change a bit and see. He asks them to go home, they will take care of criminals. Shivaye asks Anika to come along. He holds her hand. They smile.

He says I can’t walk more. She says don’t lose courage, something will happen. He asks will miracle happen again. She says yes and tries. She says miracle happened, see. He gets shocked seeing her scooty. She asks him to come and laughs. She says you now believe I have miracle in my fingers. She asks him to sit. He asks where. She says my head, sit beside me, come. He asks how to sit on this. She asks did you not sit on scooty. He says I have private jet, chopper. She says it was… what’s the use of it. He says I will call for it. She says you have no phone, you can sit on scooty for the first time. He says yes, there’s always a first time. He tries and sits in scooty’s extra carrier. She asks did you sit. He says please let it be scooty, don’t make it space shuttle. She asks are you scared. He asks her to wear helmet. He says I m slightly embarrassed. She asks why, because of scooty, or sitting in lower level than wife. He says both, but don’t tell anyone about this. She drives. Yuhin kat jayega safar……plays…..

Their old moments are seen. Pinky says Shivaye was not careless, he is spoiling because of Anika. Anika and Shivaye come home. Pinky asks him where was he, he should have said where is he going. He says I was stuck somewhere. Pinky says I know, you are stuck, you could have called me once, you were away all night. He says I had no phone and car, we were stuck in some adventure, I will rest, we will have lunch together. He asks Anika to come. Anika stumbles. He holds her. She says I m fine.

He takes her along. Pinky looks on and says this is left now, now Shivaye is becoming wife’s puppet, Anika get happy, from today, you and your smile will get lost from this house. Anika says I m fine. Shivaye makes her sit and asks her to show her foot. She says you won’t touch my foot. Pinky comes and sees them. She says Shivaye, there is press conference in an hour time. He says yes, maybe. She says you are forgetting everything.

He says thanks for reminding. She says Guru ji called and asked about kulgotra puja. He asks why did you get after that thing. Pinky says that puja is necessary. He says tell Guru ji we don’t want to do this puja. Pinky thinks Shivaye can’t change truth. She goes. Shivaye checks his clothes. Anika asks you refused for kulgotra puja, you keep family traditions first, is this right. He asks what did we decide, we will accept the way we are, we will change each other, your name, blood and family are not imp than you, past can’t change, we can make present and future beautiful, I m trying to do what you said. She says but such a big decision, you took for me. He holds her face and says for us, we can have bullet for each other, so we can hear Pinky’s scolding as well. They smile.

Shivaye says whatever happiness will come in your life will be to stay forever, I will fight with Lord. Doctor tells Anika that DNA matches, they are brothers. Anika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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