Regular Viewers of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and fans of Devakshi have noticed the mellowing of anger of the beloved couple Dev and Sonakshi against each other. Though they say, they are being polite and friendly because of their daughter Soha, we know the truth don’t we *Wink*. The couple have recently joined hands against Khathri, the man who terrorized Ishwari in first season. Sonkashi and Dev are on a mission to discover the truth. As it happens, when Sonakshi is away on this mission, a frustrated Dev ( Who I am sure is missing Dr.Bose, already) starts mimicking Sonakshi in front of Golu. WHen Dev is in full flow as Sona, Sonakshi returns and stands watching Dev’s action silently!!.

When Dev becomes aware of Sonakshi’s presence….. Earth ought to have exploded, isn’t it?? But no, the two love birds start a sweet argument. What do you think about this upcoming scene?

Keep us posted about your views in comment section.


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