Sarkar/Bhisma tries to trim his moustache. Gulguli enters and asks why did not he ask her to trim his moustache. He says she is busy in Rangeela’s wedding arrangements. She says why not, it is his favorite Ghulam’s wedding, after all he is Rangeela’s father like. Bhisma gets angry and pushes her. She says she means he brought up Rangeela. She requests him to attend marriage and says please. He gets happy hearing English word from her. She says she can even wear English clothes to convince him. He laughs. She says it is haveli’s last marriage, why don’t he bring baraat from Rangeela’s side and she will be from bride’s side. He says no. She says let us do it. He agrees.

Manmeet gives new clothes to Rashmi and says she has to wear it during Rangeela’s wedding. She writes

a note if he can stop this marriage. He reads it and says nobody listens to him and hugs her to console her. She continues crying.

Jageer shows a perfume spray to Maldawali and tells her it is Rangeela’s death weapeon, once Rangeela sprays it on him himself, he will die immediately with its poison. She asks to give it to him. He says he will give on wedding day and see Rangeela dying.

Rangeela is busy in wedding arrangements at his house and Balam brings temporary family to acts as baratis. Bhisma enters and Rangeela is surprised to see him. Bhisma says heis barati in Rangeela’s marriage. Rangeela greets him in and makes him sit on cot. Manmeet also comes and hugs Rangeela and says he is also barati. Amma comes and Rangeela happily hugs him. She sees Bhisma and goes into flashback where Chaudry disowns her after bearing a child/Rangelea with her. He tortures her in front of whole village and says he is not father of her child. She pleads to accept her, else god will not spare him. He laughs. She says her son Rangeela will take revenge when he will grow up. He orders his goons to snatch child and forces her dance after cutting her hair. Out of flashback, she shouts how are he is to come here and throws stones on him. He runs out. She follows him. Shivani, Maldawali and other enter and watch in a shock. Rangeela tries to control amma, but picks iron weapon and tries to hit him. Bhisma points gun at her and Jageer at Rangeela to keep his mother locked in a room. Amma says she will not spare Chaudhry. Shivani controls her and Amma hugs her calling bahu. Maldawali thinks why amma got angry seeing Sarkar, there is something behind it.

Precap: Shivani asks Rangeela to go and ask Sarkar why amma got angry on him, how they are related. Gulguli thinks she will ask Sarkar.

Update Credit to: MA


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