Dil Boley Oberoi is garnering appreciation for its dynamic tracks. Be it the friendship between Chulbul -Omkara or the hatred of Omkara towards Gauri and Svetlana, their scenes have evoked interest But the advent of Kali has kept the audience riveted to their TV.

Kali’s entry has upped the ante! Kali, who is on revenge spree is trying to find all and which way to wreck vengeance on Omkara. The evil man soon finds out about Gauri/Chulbul masquerade and uses it to break Omkara.

Omkara feels betrayed and becomes furious at the cheating. Pouring hot oil over the burning flame, Kaali instigates Om against Gauri. In his rage Omkara decides to marry Svetlana!

Jhanvi and Bhauma who come to know about Omkara’s decision are understandably shocked and distraught. They try to change Omkara’s mind. But Omkara remains steadfast in his decision to marry Svetlana.

Bhauma, however does not accept his decision and slyly decides to swap the bride. Will she succeed or will Gauri’s misery increase?

Keep watching this space to know more.



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