The Episode starts with Vividha saying I won’t let you snatch my son Kangana. Everyone go. Vividha says I trusted Kangana again, she is doing same and making Madhav away. Atharv says no, she is Madhav’s mum. Vividha says I don’t care, my Madhav is going away. He says now her intention is not right, she loves Madhav, its natural. Sujata says I will see Khushi and goes. He asks why is she upset, Kangana told truth to Madhav, or that its not affecting Madhav. She says this should not affect Madhav. He agrees. They play game with Madhav.

Madhav says I need to ask something, will you always play with me and love me. Vividha says you know I love you a lot. Atharv says we love you the most. Madhav says first Ravish was my Papa, then you became my Papa, I m happy, Vividha was my mumma first

and now Kangana is my mumma, but I will stay with you both, I will call you Papa and mummy. Vividha hugs and kisses him. Aye zindagi….plays…. She cries.

She takes Madhav to kitchen saying we will make pizza. Kangana says I made custard for him. Atharv signs Vividha. He asks Madhav to have custard. Vividha says I will get Khushi and goes to her room. Khushi gets the car keys and recalls Kailash driving.

Mechanic repairs car. Madhav comes out. Vividha calls out Khushi. Khushi recalls Kailash starting car. Vividha asks Ravish about Khushi. He asks did they see Madhav. Kangana says he will be here. Madhav shouts stop Khushi. They all hear him and get shocked. Madhav asks her to stop. The car goes towards Madhav. Khushi claps. They go out and see Khushi in the car. Ravish runs and takes Madhav away. The car passes ahead. Ravish and Madhav fall down. Atharv sees the danger sign and runs to stop the car. He stands in front and tries to stop the car. The car stops. Ankit gets Khushi out of the car.

Kangana hugs Madhav. Vividha takes Khushi. She asks Atharv is he fine. Doctor checks Khushi. Khushi does not cooperate. Doctor says she is fine. Madhav says I got hurt. Doctor says its okay, I gave medicines. Khushi runs.

Vividha asks about Madhav. Atharv says he would be in room. Vividha says he is not there. They look for Madhav. Vividha tells Ravish Madhav is nowhere. Ravish says Kangana took him out. She asks why, I got haldi milk for him. He says Kangana took him to park, fresh air is good for kids, calm down, whatever happened today, he got scared. Vividha says Madhav should have been with me. He says you are overthinking, Kangana will get him, don’t be scared. She says that woman tried to steal my son. He says enough, when will you stop doubting her. She asks did her ghost get on your head again. Ravish says no, you are doing injustice with Kangana, she proved respect for family and love for Madhav, she risked her life and saved Madhav’s life, I don’t want to talk about this, kangana will be getting Madhav. He goes. Guddi looks on.

Sujata says Kangana and Madhav are nowhere. Atharv says I checked park. Ankit says Madhav was not in market. Vividha says she took Madhav, I can’t lie without Madhav. Kangana gets Madhav and gives custody claim papers to Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena


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