O Man, O Man…Lemme wipe off the drool first!!! It has been 5 long years since the sunset of the first IPKKND. From thereon, I have been waiting patiently, like a parched thirsty traveler for the single sighting of Barun Sobti…  ( Yea, Yea, Tanhaiyaan came n went but what’s a mild drizzle for the parched earth, I ask you)


When the news came that Barun is coming back on TV, as a romantic hero (pinch Me) … the heart rate quickened and breath came in short gasps..because we have had several false starts before too… But this time around, it was not just a passing cloud…it was a downpour that had come to finally quench our thirst, satiate our eyes with that face that held the brown eyes twinkling in mischief, tickle our ears with that broken husky voice.



The teaser gives off a angsty romantic buzz and completely owned me…  A barren land awaiting for rain ( juz like me) and a tree that has withered and browned  but standing rock steady in the hope of getting revitalized by rain ( again like me) and then comes that familiar lope, striding across the dry, brittle earth like an emperor who has come to deliver salvation.


Barun strides across, a guitar on his back, eyes shaded by sun glasses ( WHYYYYY o WHYYYY)…  granite face …… The stole or scarf flies ….covering half his face…we look, look, our breathing forgotten, our pulse pounding and we get the glimpse of  that face which ruled the Universe of Romance…. He removes the shades n and we are hit by the stony eyes that has seen too muc, borne too muc.. a eyes that is angry, hurt, lonely and shut down…


As a teaser, it was one hell of a comeback!!


An unapologetic Barun Sobti Fan

pics: Star Plus


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