The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira asking Manish why is he doing this. Naira asks him to think of his daughter. Kartik says before Manish complicates Kirti’s life, see this. He shows driver’s video. Driver apologizes and says Aditya gave me money, I did mistake, forgive me. Aditya and everyone get shocked. Aditya asks what the hell is this, if you beat anyone so much, he will say what you want, who will believe in this confession. Akhilesh says we will believe this, we know Naira and Kartik can’t do this, you misused our trust. Aditya says Kartik can’t make me leave, Papa called me here, I will just talk to him.

Manish shuts Aditya’s mouth by some papers. They all get shocked. Aditya freezes. Manish angrily stares at him. Manish says I don’t have to talk, I called

you here to make you apologize to my daughter, with whom you behaved badly, you will also sign these papers. Kartik and everyone get surprised.

Aditya asks what’s in these papers. Manish says its your and Kirti’s divorce papers. Kirti cries. Everyone get glad. Manish says I don’t want my daughter to spend a moment with an animal like you, get out. Akhilesh asks Aditya not to trouble Kirti, she is not alone, her family is with her.

Kirti cries and hugs Manish. Everyone cry happily. Aditya acts hurt. Naira asks what happened, is it aching, did you think Kirti will be hurt too, you never thought, but you will find it now. Aditya says I can completely understand, I did what a husband should do. Naira says Manish did what a father should do. Kartik asks Aditya to get out. Aditya says you can’t do this with me. Kartik says we have no relation. Aditya says fine, it means personal and professional relations ended right. Kartik asks are you done, get out. Aditya falls down.

Naira asks how much will you fall. He says I just started falling, see what I fall, Goenkas’ name, business, market value, many things will fall now. He leaves. Kirti apologizes to Manish. Manish says no, I should be sorry, I could not do a father’s duty, I worried for business, I did not care for you, someone made me realize this. Kirti sees Naira. She says what will happen now, Aditya will…. Akhilesh says don’t worry. Manish says your Papa, uncle and brother are here. Kartik cries and wipes tears. Kartik says yes, Naira and I, we all are with you, everything will be fine. They all smile. Manish hugs Kirti. Dadi worriedly cries and goes. Naira and Kartik look on.

Naitik says Manish called and said Aditya’s lie came out in front of family, he was apologizing. Naksh says thank God everything got fine, I was so scared, this affects Naira’s life, if Naira had problem, I would have not tolerated it, I realized Naira’s imp when she was lost, if this problem did not clear, don’t know what would have happened. Gayu asks him not to cry, everything got fine, smile now, believe this, till we are right, nothing wrong can happen with us.

Naira comes to Manish. He says you came by knocking now, you came without knocking that time. She says sorry, I was angry, when anyone does not raise voice against wrong, I can’t bear it. He says I know. She says sorry and thanks. He says whatever I did, its not any favor, I did my duty, I guess I got late. She says you got much late, you should have trusted me when I said first, you are bit strange, how will you trust. He says you are saying right, I m strange, but I m father too, of Kirti and Kartik. She thinks like you won Kirti’s heart, you will win Kartik’s heart too, I m sure. He sees two cups with happy and sad smileys. He picks the happy one. They smile.

Kartik gets food for Dadi. He says we will have green tea together. He holds Dadi’s hand and says I know you are upset, we all are here. Dadi says this is not easy, you don’t know, none understands this. He says I understand. She asks him to leave her alone, she has no courage to talk. He hugs her. Suwarna and Naira look on. Suwarna says Dadi does not need medicines, she needs courage. Naira says yes, elders know the result of our decisions. Suwarna says Kartik and you understand this well and explain Maa ji too, she has seen and tolerated a lot, Manish said Maa ji has made all this on her own after her husband’s death, she knows its tough for a single woman to stay in society, now I m also scared, will all this get fine. Naira says yes, we just have to keep courage.

Naira and Kartik have a talk. He says I know what you are going to say, I have seen you seeing me and him. She says but I will say, He shuts her mouth and says I won’t let you say. She kicks him. He leaves her. She asks him to talk to family, make them talk to Aditya’s family, Rama aunty knew Rashmi’s problem and supported her. Kartik says Kirti does not need their support, did you had to talk about this. She says yes, why, what did you think, tell me. He says nothing. She smiles. He hugs her.

Aditya says the family got courage, things will get tough for them. Manish gets newspaper. He gets shocked seeing merger news. He says matter has spread in market, its big trouble. Akhilesh says I know much is on stake, Aditya will not miss this golden opportunity. Manish says what did this happen with us, Kirti’s marriage, business, Maa’s state, I can’t see this, talk to Maa, she is not talking to me, I m scared. Dadi asks pandit to suggest something to save Kirti’s life. Akhilesh asks Manish is he fine. Kartik comes and looks on. Manish says I m going office. Akhilesh asks him to have food, else his health will get bad. Manish says I don’t want to have food, and leaves. Dadi says I will do Nirjal fast for 3 days, I just want her relation to get fine. Naira hears her.

Kirti is on the way. Someone follows. Manish says I m thinking, but not finding any solution. Kartik picks the file.

Update Credit to: Amena


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