Ishwari watches Sona walking around house and smiles. Mamaji sees her and asks reason. She says over years she has realized her mistakes and wants to correct them. On the other side, Dev and Sona chat. He asks what she thinks about him now. She says he is Mr. Obodro, arrogant, etc. Their argument continues. Soha comes and says she fell on grass. Dev says he will scold grass, how can it harm Soha. Both Sona and Dev pamper her. Ishwari smiles looking at them. Soha calls her for selfie. Dev clicks selfie. Ishwari looks at Sona and smiles. Dev asks her to look at camera and clicks selfie. Soha says this is world’s best selfie. They all smile.

Bejoy and Ishwari come in front of each other. Bejoy asks if she will not call him ghost again. She says no..he came in front

of her suddenly in dark, so she got afraid. She thanks him for coming with his family. He says he had to come as Sona came here, he is more protective towards her since they came back from Kolkota. She says his bahu Ronita is too sweet, she did not feel like she is meeting her first time. Bejoy says Ronita speaks freely as he considers her as friend and not bahu, he sometimes feels Ronita is his daughter and Sourav is his son-in-law. He hates Ronita’s husband, laughs loudly, then leaves. Ishwari thinks she did not realize value of relationships before.

Kalpana and Aarti ask GKB she called them to fix Aarti and Dev’s alliance, but Sona is all around house. GKB asks to wait. They angrily leave yelling why did she call them here. Golu runs holding juice glass and clashes with aarti and apologizes. She yells at him. Sona comes to Golu’s rescue and says Aarti is a guest and Golu son of this family, he is apologizing repeatedly, even then Aarti is showing her arrogance and is questioning Golu’s upbringing. Kalpana yells what she knows about upbringing children when she could not save her family. Bejoy fumes and tries to confront, but Asha stops him. Ishwari takes Sona’s side, calls Soha and says she is the best well-cultured child and Sona brought her up single handedly, nobody would tell Soha met her father’s family. She made a mistake that had called her dear ones for dinner today and should have told Kalpana and Aarti to come some other time. They both yell at GKB that she called them to insult and walk away. Bejoy asks Asha if she saw what happened just now, he is surprised.

Dev says it is time for dessert and serves icecream to whole family. Golu sees Ishwari and tells Sona told to hide ice cream from her, else she will get tempted. Sona says it is Dev’s mistake that he brought sugar ice cream, he should have brought sugarless icecream. She says she will prepare something for Ishwari and Bejoy. GKB yells kitchen is closed. Mamaji scolds her in his style. Sona asks Ishwari if she will eat her sweet dish. Ishwari says sure, both she and Beoy will have it. Sona prepares sweet dish and serves them. They both enjoy.

After sometime, Ishwari goes to mamaji’s room and says she wants him to correct her if she is wrong. He asks problem. She says when Dev married Sona, she was insure that Dev will pay attention to only Sona and not her. She continues her expressing feelings and says she realized her mistakes and how good Sona is, she wants her back in Dev’s life. Mamaji says Sona and Dev have to agree first and if she checked with them. She has to make sure they come closer now. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that even she feels both family’s differences are clearing, thanks Dev for continuing his hope. Ishwari thinks she will set things right now.

Update Credit to: MA


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