Kartik walks out of the house, carrying his suitcase along leaving a teary eyes Naira alone. Naira looks so forlorn. She keeps looking out of the door through which Kartik walked out. But Naira isn’t going to accept defeat so easily.

Next scene, Naira calls up Kartik who has gone on a tour leaving Naira alone for the first time. Naira’s call get transferred to Kartik’s voice mail.

Next shot, Naira is seen busily cooking in the kitchen while leaving messages for Kartik. She is cooking for Brahmans who are coming to the Goenka house due to some puja. But before they could come, few dancer folks come to Naira’s place thus upsetting the purity of the place *really* ..Just then the brahmans also arrive and they are maha upset to see the dancers in the hall.

Immediately the spirit of SP Aatma rushes into Naira’s body, she coaxes and calms the agitated priests, purifies the house by sprinkling Ganga water. Once this is done, She serves the hungry brahmans who happily receive the farewell gifts , bless the house and depart. ** This Proves Naira is going to be the BEST BAHU winner at SPA 2018**


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