Hmmm…..  What can I say about Jennifer Winget? I am sure, all the articles and segments of the media would saturate the fans and readers with all the facts and data pertaining to her. So let me share my views and opinions about Jennifer Winget.

I first met Jennifer on TV in a show called Saraswati Chandra and I was immensely angry at her portrayal of Kumud. No, I am not saying that she was a bad (note : WAS) actress but I was rather put off by her stiffness during the romantic scenes. I used to curse Sanjay Leela Bhansali for choosing to cast her opposite Gautam Rode who was a delight to watch at that time. At that time, I never knew the personal upheaval that was going through her life and the impact it was having on her professional front.

Few years went by, I forgot about Jenny and life went on until Beyhadh happened! When buzz began to build up about Beyhadh, I became curious. I began to collect information about the show, cast, plot and each and every titbits. Imagine my chagrin and annoyance when I came to know that Jennifer was going to be the face of Beyhadh!! I was irked was saying it mildly but the plot was intriguing enough for me to stay put.

The first surprise came to me when I saw Jennifer on Beyhadh promo drive. This was not a stiff, reclusive, introvert of Saraswatichandra but she was a happy, giggly, amiable person whose smile lit up your screen! She came across as a warm human being.

The next surprise came when I saw her onscreen (after the show aired) where was that stiff actor? here was a girl an immensely talented girl who was slaying the air waves as Maya! The tone modulations, the acting, the body language everything on point, so much so instead of hating Maya, I was actually empathizing with Maya, rooting for Maya – Such was the acting prowess of Maya.

Gradually, I began to notice her opening up during the BTS, saw her unconditional love for animals and noticed that she doesn’t let in people easily but once she does, she is deeply loyal to them. I began to understand then, Jennifer Winget was like a grass,  for the happiness of her loved one’s she will bend backwards but when storm hits, she will also survive the ravages of the storm like a warrior. Like a grass, she will spring back and like a grass, she is evergreen.

Here are few classy B&W photographs celebrating the birthday of this classy lady.






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