Doctors check Maya. Arjun asks them if Maya and Bandar/unborn child is fine. Doc says everything is fine, and they checked man times. Arjun insists. Maya says she is fine and asks docs to go. Docs leave. Maya says Arjun when she is fine, bandar is fine, he should be worried for her first. He says Samay. Maya says Samay has gone and Saanjh is his problem now.

Vandana meets Ayan who tells they would not have let Saanjh help them and go against Maya. Vandana says when Arjun himself wants to suffer from Maya, what they can do. Ayan says Maya can do anything and she must have got Prem uncle killed. He will be released in 2 years and will take her away from here, he made a big mistake by trusting his brother and is facing punishment. He asks when Prem uncle died, who was around her, Vandana

says Shubh, Suman, Samay. Ayan says Samay, doubting him. Vandana also thinks.

Saanjh stands near window reminiscing Maya throwing flying kiss to Samay. Suman comes and says not to think so much, even if her father had been alive, he would have got her married soon, so should marry Samay soon. Samay enters with Prem’s ashes and says he is here to take care of Saanjh and she can trust him. Saanjh turns and reminisces again Maya throwing flying kiss on him. She needs Vandana and expresses her doubt. Vandana says her doubt is true. Saanjh says it must be her imagination and Samay loves her a lot. Vandana reminisces Ayan doubting Samay.

Arjun feeds fruits to Maya and says she has to eat for her and her baby both. She says she is full. He force feeds her and says bandar is more important to him now than Maya. Maya’s facial expression changes. Arjun says his life is dedicated to his bandar now and she is just his affair now. He bites apple and makes her bite with her teeth. She sees Samay’s call on his number and and asks Arjun to get her water. Arjun says he will get chef Arjun’s special soup and walks to kitchen. She says she will change by then. She picks call and tells Samay that he proved that he can do anything for her love. He insists to meet her right now. She says dare not to think of that as Arjun is at home. He says he does not care and needs his reward right now. She warns not to come and goes to room fuming that he is mad. She sees him siting on swinger and shouts why did he come here. He holds her and says he killed people for her love and destroyed a family. She says it is his deed and he cannot blame her, he is responsible for his life. He twists her hands and says he needs her. She says she loves Arjun. He says Arjun is a loser, she is a cheater, he is a winner. He dances with her forcefully. Arjun comes calling her, asking if she is changing her clothes or herself. She pleads Samay to go before Arjun sees them. He continues dancing with her. Arjun walks towards room and looks shocked.

Precap: Saanjh and Suman go to immerse Prem’s ashes into water. Samay enters into water removing his short. A foreigner notices tattoo on his back and calls Saanjh has Maya. Saanjh asks what did he say. Foreigner says his tattoo reads Maya, he loves you a lot Maya.

Update Credit to: MA


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