Bhisma is seen tied to a chair in a godown. Veer enters and sits in front of him. Bhisma looks at him. Shivani serves food t Rangeela and says with DNA report, they are hopeful that Chaudhry is alive. Rangeela asks how is amma. Shivani says she is sitting in room since morning and did not have anything since morning. Rangeela takes food for her and asks to have it. Amma does not and sleeps. Rangeela winks at Shivani and says it is all because of her, she did not take care of amma well, so she should go from his house. Shivani says she is going and turns. Amma holds her hand and says Shivani will not go anywhere, she will have food. Rangeela feeds her from his hand.

Veer tells Bhisma sarkar that he had to confine him for power, he is not doing it for the first time and gives example of king

Aurangzeb. Bhisma says if he had asked, he would have given it. Veer says he was going to give his amma’s right to another woman and even got a son, who knows he would have given power to him. Rangeela says he has gone so mad for power. Veer asks what he needs, he will fulfill his demands. Bhisma asks to make a window in front wall so that he can watch his created Berahampur. Rangeela says it will be done, but he has to let him record that he made his legal heir to veer. Bhisma repeats. Veer laughs and says now he will hide him in such a place that nobody can reach him.

Rashmi signals Manmeet that she is worried that Veer will beat him. Manmeet shows his winning cups and says he is a black bet, demonstrates a flying kick.

Balam and Phantom return and tell Rangeela that they searched lake bed and did not Chaudhry. Rangeela says Chaudhry is alive. He gets a call if he wants to find Chaudhry to come to someone’s house. He reaches house and sees someone on chair, he turns and sees a dummy on chair, shouts betrayal. Veer’s goons throw blanket on him and capture him. Rangeela warns that they are doing a big mistake and will die. Veer watches it on CCTV camera and laughs that rat is caught now. Goons then hear bullet sound and one of them goes out to check. Rangeela frees himself and trashes them. He warns Chaudhry that he made a mistake.

Maldawali sees Gulguli sad and asks reason. Gulguli says she cannot believe Veer can go to any extent for power. Maldawali thinks she is more worried about her son than his mistake. Manmeet comes with Rashmi and says it is her birthday today, so he is taking her to shiv mandir. Gulguli permits. Veer sees them and asks where are love birds going. Manmeet says it is her birthday, so he is taking her to shiv mandir. Veer gives his car keys forcefully and asks to go take it, then smirks that Rashmi will die on her birthday.

Precap: Rangeela tries to break car window and rescue Rashmi. He then burns window and rescues her. Shivani asks him to do something, else Rashmi will collapse.

Update Credit to: MA


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