The Episode starts with Naira telling Suwarna that she did not know about gifts and dakshina, shall I go market and get gifts. Suwarna says you have to serve food, you serve them and then go, I will manage. Brahmans say it looks desi ghee food, heart got pleased. Naira says you all did not had food yet, have food silently first. They all laugh and have food. They like the food. Brahman says I think food will fall short. Dadi says no. Naira says there is much food, if it gets less, I will make more. Brahman says if you make it so tasty, it will get less. Dadi smiles and says I did not think everything will go smooth. Naira says there is a problem, I did not arrange gifts, I will get it now. Dadi asks what, who will manage here. Suwarna says Surekha and I will manage. Dadi says fine. Naira

asks Kirti to come.

Manish says Kartik, I had to say something, don’t be upset, we two… Kartik says this is the problem, you have much expectations, I should have come with Akhilesh, I came home and office, but I won’t come in life, some things can never change in life, you just see dreams. Manish says I just had to say presentation to client would be needed twice. He goes. Kartik holds his head.

Someone follows Kirti. Naira says stay in car, I will go and get things fast. She prays that nothing goes wrong. Kirti asks her not to worry. Naira runs to the shop. She turns and sees someone. Surekha serves brahmans. Dadi says I was upset that tradition broke, but Naira made me happy, I wish Naira gets gifts in time, then this brahman bhoj will be completed. Suwarna asks Dadi not to worry. Naira says I forgot my wallet in car and runs back. Kirti sees her coming. She says your purse…. Naira says wait, I will come. Someone holds Naira’s hand. Kirti calls her out. Naira asks who is it. Someone ties her hands and blindfolds. Kirti sees someone taking Naira in the car. She shouts Naira.

Naira struggles. Kirti runs back to her car and follows. She worries. Dadi says they did not come till now. Suwarna says I will call and see. Dadi says Naira should be here. Kirti says how shall I answer now. Suwarna says they are not answering. Dadi says where are they. Naira opens the car door. A truck comes towards the car. Naira hears the horn and shuts the car door.

Blindfold gets removed. Naira gets shocked seeing Aditya. Kirti says where did the car go. Naira jumps down the car. Aditya gets down the car and sees her.

Brahmans finish the food. Suwarna says Naira went for some imp work, don’t get annoyed, she will be coming. Brahmans says we are happy, food was tasty, we shall leave. Surekha asks what will we do now, we have no ordinary clothes and gifts for them. Dadi says sorry. Suwarna gets gifts for them. They see the toys. Surekha says its those sarees we got for Gauri pujan. Dadi says yes, we got the toys for orphanage. Surekha says why is Suwarna doing this. Suwarna says I know you all are surprised, Naira’s thinking is different, she values family a lot, she got gifts thinking of your family, when you go home and have gifts for family members, they will be happy. Brahman says great, she has unique thinking. Dadi smiles. They all leave. Surekha says Kirti and Naira know they are waiting, even then don’t know where they went. Suwarna says there would be some reason. Dadi says you managed this, else it would be tough, Naira should understand.

Aditya says you think you are smart and brave, I will not leave you. Naira asks him to think of himself, he invited big problem. They argue. He says none has challenged me like you did, everything was going as I wanted. She says you will know what you are. He asks her to think for herself. She says you have no idea what I can do, don’t think I m weak if I m a girl. He says you are threatening me. She says yes, do anything. He sees stones.

Client says I want all this on paper, else it will be tough. Kartik agrees. Manager says I think you can’t go back to Udaipur today. Aditya throws stone at Naira. Naira pulls his hair and slaps him. Suwarna says I m worried. Surekha says did they go Maayka to rehearse with dancers. Dadi says no, they can’t do this. Suwarna says Kirti is with Naira. Akhilesh asks what happened, why did you call me. Surekha says Naira and Kirti went to nearby market, they did not come back. He says did Aditya…. Dadi worries.

Aditya runs and holds Kirti. Naira gets shocked. She asks Aditya to leave Kirti. He says he is my wife, will I leave her on your saying. He thanks Kirti for coming. He asks Naira to move back, else Kirti will move towards death. He asks Kirti why did she not get scared when you went against me, see what I do. Naira says I did mistake that I did not expose you, I will not give second chance to any cheap man next time, I m ashamed that you were part of our family. Aditya slips down and falls in a pit. Naira and Kirti get shocked. They reach Aditya and pull him. Aditya gets unconscious.

Lav and Kush say its good you guys came, we were getting bored, everyone is in police station. Kartik and Manish come running to police station. Kartik sees Naira behind bars. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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