The Episode starts with Vividha leaving from Kailash’s room. Someone gets a wooden stick and goes to Kailash. Kailash looks on. Someone hits Kailash. Vividha attends Khushi. She asks her not to jump on the bed. She asks her to listen. Vividha takes her. Khushi runs. Vividha goes to look after her. She sees the blood marks and follows. She gets shocked seeing Kailash wounded. She runs to him and shouts. Everyone come there and gets shocked.

Vividha asks Kailash to open eyes. Atharv calls doctor. Doctor checks Kailash. He asks them to go out, he has to give injections to Kailash. They all go. Vividh asks who has done all this. Uma asks what are you saying. Atharv asks what’s this question. Vividha says one of the people standing here has done this, you all did not wish Kailash to stay

here. Uma asks what are you saying, how can this happen. Vividha says I just want to know who has done this. She asks Kangana did she do this.

She asks Guddi did she do this, as she hates Kailash. She asks Sujata and Uma did they do this. Atharv gets shocked. Vividha asks Ravish to say. Dadi asks what nonsense are you saying. Vividha says I just want to know who did this. Atharv says what’s this question, we know you felt bad, it does not mean you blame anyone. She says that helpless man is my father. He says maybe has has hurt himself, how can you ask anyone. She asks why are you defending them, are you saving yourself, he has got hurt, I have seen the stick, it had blood on him, come I will show you.

She takes him and sees the stick gone. They get shocked. Vividha says that stick was here, I have seen it. Doctor says I gave him painkillers, now he can sleep well, its dangerous to get hurt on the head, take care of him. Vividha asks is this any accidental wound. He says no, someone has hurt him, its a police case, I suggest you to report to police. Vividha asks Atharv did he hear what doctor said. They all go.

The kids see Kailash. Madhav enters the room. Khushi runs to Kailash. She wakes him up. Kailash hugs her. He calls Madhav to come. He asks them to get food for the king. Vividha comes and looks on. Madhav gives a chocolate to Kailash. Kailash shares it with them. Vividha says Kailash will make Khushi fine, why can’t anyone see this, what I can see. Ankit calls her. She goes.

She asks what happened, did you get the stick. Ankit says no. Uma says who can take the stick. Vividha says I know, when I spoke about stick, someone has hidden that stick. Uma says who can attack Kailash. Vividha says everyone is against him, Atharv, Kangana, Ravish and Guddi are against him, I can’t trust anyone, I can’t tell anything to them, I don’t even trust Atharv. Sujata holds Atharv.

Ankit says I have seen that stick in storeroom, its heavy, person should be strong to lift it. Everyone is shown.

Its night, Ravish takes that stick out in the lawn. He burns that stick. Sujata looks out of the window. She goes to see. Ravish turns and leaves. Sujata comes there and sees the fire. She sees Ravish going and thinks why is Ravish going that side towards back door. Ravish comes to his room. He sees Kangana and recalls Vividha’s words.

Sujata says I got this from ashes. Vividha says its part of the stick. Ankit says Ravish has done this. Vividha says I have proof Ravish has done this attack on Kailash. Ravish asks what proof does she has.

Update Credit to: Amena


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