This is not the kind of new you want to wake up with, especially when you are a fan of cute se be cutest Kaira Jodi. **Insert a sulking emo here**

Kartik and Naira have always made our heart go dhak-dhak with the purity of their relationship, an innocence in their love and a complete trust on one another. But the news that is filtering in through the grapevine suggests Naira will soon be having a NEW MAN in her life!!

Shravan Mehta, who was part of ‘Student of the year’ ensemble will soon make an entry in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.  He will meet Naira in her dance academy and will begin get close to her on shared interest. Kartik who loves Naira immensely will start feeling jealous on seeing the budding friendship of Naira with Shravan’s character.

Well, On the positive side, Shravan’s role is a cameo. Hopefully, we get back to watching and enjoying the nok jhok of Kartik & Naira or Naira roasting Kartik.

What do you think about these developments? Do you want to see this new  guy ? Share your views….




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