The Episode starts with Naira and Kirti lifting Aditya and getting him to car. Naira says he is cheap, not us, our anger is there, but our values are also there, we saved his life, it means we will save him from punishment, he will get punished. Manager tells Manish that Kartik convinced clients. Client tells Manish that his son is very talented. Manish holds Kartik and says I m proud of him, till he is there, I don’t have any worries. Hotel guy comes to give Kartik’s wallet and falls down. Kartik asks are you okay, sorry, thanks. He goes. Manish sees his wife’s pic and gets sad. Kartik checks wallet and looks for his mum’s pic. He sees Manish holding pic. He takes pic from him and keeps in wallet. He sits in the car. Manish thinks the more I try to come close, the more I get away.


ask when will Naira come, call her, why did she call us, this won’t work, will she buy us if she is opening academy. Naksh gets angry. Gayu stops him and talks to dancers. Devyaani talks to Suwarna. Devyaani says dancers have come, but they are annoyed. Naksh asks till when is Naira coming. Suwarna says she will reach soon. She worries. Kirti says everything will be worried at home, how to inform them, my phone broke, your phone is off, will anything happen to Aditya, we both will be trapped without any mistake. Naira says relax, we did not do wrong, he did wrong.

Dadi asks Akhilesh to find out where are they. He says they are not in market. Dadi prays for them. Surekha asks where is Aditya. He says I don’t know. She says I m sure he did something. Dadi asks what will we answer Manish and Kartik. Akhilesh gets a call and asks what….. He gets shocked.

Dancers ask for Naira. Naksh says enough, don’t you have manners, Naira maybe busy, this competition is very imp for her, she can fulfill her parents’ dreams, did you never wait, let’s do one thing, do anything, if you say anything here, I will not tolerate. Gayu says where is Naira, she should have come by now.

Manish and Kartik come home. Kids greet Kartik and say its good you came, we were getting bored. Kartik asks why, where is everyone. Lav says police station, Papa got a call and they all went. Manish and Kartik get shocked. They run to police station and see family. Kartik asks what’s happening. Naksh and Naitik, along with everyone worry. Manish sees Naira and holds Kartik. They see Naira behind bars. They are stopped from going there. Naira cries.

Kartik asks what’s happening, why did they make Naira sit inside. Manish asks Akhilesh what’s happening. Akhilesh explains Manish. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. He asks her what happened. Naira tells everything. He gets shocked.

Naira says we were helping him, we took him to hospital, after getting conscious, he blamed me that I tried to kill him. They all get shocked. Naira says I explained them a lot, but they did not trust me. Aditya is in hospital. He laughs seeing the news about Naira’s arrest. He praises himself.

He recalls Manish’s words. He says Aditya never loses, I just make others lose, my inlaws will get caught, none can save Naira now. Kartik asks why are you crying, we all are with you. Naira says no, everything went wrong, Kirti fell in risk because of me, Aditya raised hand on her again, I could not do anything, we promises we will take care of her, I could not keep my promise. Manish looks on. Naira says I could not keep family happy, I m feeling very guilty, I m sorry. Kartik says I m sorry, I could not keep my promise, to always take care of you, even last time when I went out, your accident happened and this time… sorry I will never go away from you. She says I m afraid if anything wrong happens. He says I won’t let anything wrong happen. Constable asks him to stand away. Kartik says I m here and kisses Naira’s hand. He goes away. She gets a smiley on paper and sees Naitik. Naitik signs her to smile. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….

Gayu says I trust Naira, if Aditya does something, I will break his hands and legs. Baisa says I will not leave him, he did much bad, if anything wrong happens with Naira, I will do worse with him. Dadi prays. Naksh and Naitik talk to inspector. Kirti sits crying. Manish and Akhilesh try to use contacts. Naira sees Kartik and cries. Tera naam leti jaye….. plays…. Suwarna asks constable to allow them to give juice to Naira. Kartik signs Naira not to cry. He signs her to have water. She drinks. She signs him to smile. He cries and goes out.

He sees Lord idol and asks what are you doing, what’s Naira’s mistake, she goes to do good and gets trapped always, you did not do this right. He sees Kirti crying. He asks her to say truth, what happened. Manish asks someone to do whatever he can, I m asking for favor for the first time, don’t refuse. Naitik hears him. Manish says I will keep trying till we get solution, I don’t want to give false hope. Naitik says I can understand, your pain is not hidden to us. Inspector calls them. Constable stops Dadi. Dadi asks her to do anything. Dadi goes to Naira and does her tika. Naira cries and says trust me, I did not do anything wrong. Dadi feeds her prasad and says don’t say anything, I understand, this can be expected from Aditya, not you, don’t know when will you understand, you leave this worry, don’t cry, I m getting angry. She consoles Naira. Naira says sorry, I understood. Dadi thanks constable and goes. Suwarna hugs Dadi. Manish asks where are Kartik and Kirti.

Inspector says we have to take Naira to big jail. Everyone ask inspector to stop. Naira is taken by police.

Update Credit to: Amena


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