Rashmi is shocked to hear that Raghav is dead and asks Rangeela why is he lying. Rangeela says he is standing in front of Bolenath ji and will not lie, Raghav fell prey to Berahampur’s cruelty, Raghav had come to free Rashmi, but he captured him and gave him to Chaudhry, reminiscing the incidents. Rashmi slaps him repeatedly and asks to tell it is lie, her Raghav cannot die. Rangeela says it is truth. Rashmi cries that she cannot stay without Raghav. Shivani consoles her. Manmeet brings water, but Rashmi throws it and says Raghav cannot die. Manmeet asks to control herself, god gave her both happiness and sadness, her voice came and Raghav’s death news. He hugs her and she stops crying. Rangeela pleads again to forgive him. She looks at him and walks with Manmeet. Rangeela continues crying.


goes to Gulguli and says Veer is crossing his limits, stop her, else he will shoot Veer. Gulguli asks what did he do. He says Veer tried to kill Rashmi, if she does not stop him, he will shift to Delhi with Rashmi. She warns that nobody went out of Berahampur when sarkar was present, even nobody will. She calls Veer angrily. Veer comes. Manmeet confronts if he is so fond of trying to kill people, try him, why he wants to try his strength on Rashmi. Veer says yes he tried to kill Rashmi, so what. He tells Gulguli that sarkar used to sit on swinger to run the house, she is misusing it, if she does not change, he will throw swinger. Gulguli asks to try. Veer walks towards Rashmi saying he burnt her tongue, now he wants to see how she speaks.

Rangeela gets Phantom’s call that Veer is going out tomorrow, may be to meet sarkar, they will follow him. Rangeela promises Shivanit hat Veer burnt Rashmi’s tongue, he will burn Veer’s nose and take revenge.

Veer walks to Rashmi and says he killed Raghav, Rangeela just brought him, now what she will do, will she kill him. Manmeet records his confession and says if he sends this to STF, they will infiltrate Berahampur in 2 hours and will drag him away.

Rangeela waits for Veer at a tea stall. Veer’s goon comes and warns stall owner not to give traitor Rangeela anything, else he will break his stall. Tea stall owner says he does not know who Rangeela is, he gifted this shop to him. Rangeela smiles.

Maldawali enters room and excitedly informs Jageer that dumb Rashmi is speaking and how Rangeela saved her. She sees Jageer’s recorded video that he could not tolerate his insult made by Veer, so he is leaving this world, but prays god that she will be his wife in all lives. She gets worried and rushes to his deadbody and cries why did he do this. He opens eyes and laughs and says she proved she is pativrata and loves him. She thinks she is worried if he dies, she has to spend a colorless widow life.

Rangeela with Balam and Phantom wait for Veer. Veer comes on his jeep. Phantom’s girlfriend catches him and starts chatting. Veer notices that. Phantom gets worried.

Precap: Veer thinks he will kill his father for power. Rangeela finds Bhisma and says he will rush to haveli and attack Veer. Veer will try to kill him. They will save him on time and punish Veer. Veer holding gun thinks Verahampur’s Bhagwan will die now.

Update Credit to: MA


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