Anika sees the nightie and says I m not 2rs cheap girl to wear such clothes. Shivaye smiles and asks will you wear it, or shall I make you wear it.  Some time before, Shivaye says I overreacted and got angry on you, I know you are not involved in Priyanka’s marriage, I m sorry. She stops him and says we will not talk about this, I can fight with the world, not you, forget this. He says you told me that a day will come when I tell you, that when you come in front of me, my breath stops, my breath is stopping today Anika. He holds her close. Ishq hai aansun……plays…..They hug. He holds her closer. She asks what are you doing. He says we are married, its okay. She says anyone will see. He says I don’t care, fine shall we go to room. She says you go, I will come. He asks what happened,

did your breath stop, I will wait for you. She asks him to go. He says I m waiting and leaves from the pool.

Anika turns and sees Pinky. Pinky signs her. Anika recalls her words. Anika thinks Shivaye wants to end the distance between us, but Pinky gave me 3 days time to go away from Shivaye, what shall I do.

Kamini stops Ranveer and Priyanka at the door. She does their grahpravesh. She hugs Priyanka and smiles. Anika comes to room. She sees the lights and decorations. Shivaye comes and holds her hands. She asks all this? He says its for you, did you like it. She asks did you do this. He says yes, I want this to be special first night. She says we have spent many nights in this room, how did it become first night. He says you know first night. She says night is night. He says yes, but some nights are special, and some nights are much special, I m talking of that very special night. She says now I understand, we…. He says we…. She says we bought a new bed and going to sleep on it, so its first night. He says no. She says you are fooling me, why are you saying first night. He says you remember what I told you outside. She says you apologized and said your breath is stopping. He asks do you feel the same, its time we celebrate this togetherness. She asks celebrate? Celebrations are happening daily, engagement, mehendi, you want Mata ka jagrata. He says no, not that celebrations, other type. She asks other type. He says yes you know. She says fine, so you have…. signed a great deal, why did you not tell me. He says deal is not signing. She says its fine, it will get signed, don’t worry. He pulls her close in an instant. Music plays…..

Kamini says you know Priyanka, after the bitterness in our families, I did not wish this relation will join, but I cleaned my heart and accepted you as my bahu. Ranveer comes. Kamini asks them to feed sweets to each other. Kamini clicks their picture and smiles.

Shivaye says you are my wife Anika, what are you. She says wife. He says you know, how is husband and wife’s relation. She gets back and says it means you were explaining this to me. He says thank God, you understood. He holds her close and says I have something for you to make first night more special. He gives her a gift and asks her to open it. Anika sees the nightie and says turn that side. He asks why. She says I m feeling shy. She says so why shall I turn my face away. She asks what shall I do. He says make a kite of it. She asks really, does this fly. He says just wear it. I m not 2rs cheap girl to wear such clothes. Shivaye says its a gift. She says fine, you gave me and I took it, its on me to wear it or not, I did not know you are such 2rs cheap husband. He asks will you wear it, or shall I make you wear it. She says I m seeing you are getting such 2rs cheap ideas since morning, my kerchief is longer than this, I will not wear this. He asks her to wear it. She says fine, I will wear it and come. She goes.

He turns and sees her wearing the short nightie over her dress. He asks what’s this Anika. She says you asked me to wear it, so I have worn it. He says you are mad, wait I will make you wear it. She shouts no Anika and runs.

Kamini sees Priyanka’s pic and says my bahu is really Laxmi, Oberoi’s only daughter, I m Saas and have to trouble her, the more she cries, the more Oberois will get hurt, my heart will get peace, now real game will begin.

Its morning, Shivaye asks Anika is she calculating yesterday night’s embarrassment. Anika says I m calculating how much kilos of water you waste for bath. He says water is measured in litres. She says you talk thrice a day, you use 30 litres every day. He says you throw water on me and waste it. She says how will I show my anger. He says there is a way, if you get angry, hold me this way, I will understand you are annoyed. She says I don’t have 2rs style to show anger.

Pinky sees Anika and asks what are you doing. Anika says sangeet preparations. Pinky says you are behaving like you will stay here forever. She sees Shivaye. She says I was telling Anika her decorations are beautiful like before. She goes. Shivaye says its very beautiful. Anika recalls Pinky’s words. He asks what happened. Anika says I was thinking something. He asks about yesterday. She says about marriage. He asks do you want to marry again. She says if marriage has to stay, it stays in one time else not, marriage is said to be relation of seven births, there can’t be guarantee of even one birth, sometimes marriage breaks. He asks her not to get negative thoughts in mind and not say such thing. Priyanka comes. Anika asks her what happened, is everything fine. Shivaye thinks is Anika worried by something.

Pinky says she should atleast say and leave. Shakti and Priyanka say Anika is not anywhere. Shivaye says I will go and find her. They all see…

Update Credit to: Amena


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