Om says Buamaa recorded Ratan’s voice. He sees the basket on fire and goes to blow it off. Buamaa says you burnt my Ratan’s memories. Rudra beats the goons. Bhavya looks at him. Some time before, Gauri says sound is coming from Buamaa’s room. Rudra says commissioner has sent us by car, not flight, we can talk. She says commissioner has sent us by car, as gangster’s men would be keeping an eye on us, commissioner is taking care of your safety. Rudra says why did he give me car, I would have called Shivaye and got a chopper. She asks him to drive carefully.

Om and Gauri go to Buamaa’s room. Om asks Gauri to wait outside. Om gets the recorder from cupboard. Candle falls down in the basket and it catches fire. He says Buamaa recorded Ratan’s voice. He sees the basket on fire. Rudra

says I thought it will be long journey, like it happens in Bollywood films, car breaks down when hero and heroine are travelling. His car stops. She asks are you done, drive now. He says you think I stopped the car. She says I know everything. He says car really stopped. She says there is some time for joke, please drive. He says car is not starting. She asks how can this happen if you say, could you not say anything good. He says you are funny, car stopped when I said, if it happens what I think now, if we go to any dhaba and have food…. wait what did you think, your mind is so dirty, enough, I will go and check the problem. He checks the car.

Om tries to blow off fire. Rudra sits in the car. Goons come there and get them out of the car. Goon asks where are you going Rudra says we are going to Mumbai, don’t think anything, she is my wife. Bhavya looks at him. Rudra says you take anything, just leave car, we have to go Mumbai. Goon checks his car.

Gauri calls out Om. She hears someone coming and hides. Buamaa comes there and drops the wax. Gauri picks it and says what’s this, wax. Goon says there is nothing in car. Rudra says yes, I have everything, take this, even phone. Bhavya says commissioner has sent you, he is scared, now go. Goon says we are not hired men. She says I won’t give this ring. Rudra asks her to give it, I will get new one. She says no, its my mum’s last sign, I won’t give. Rudra says don’t give. He asks goon to take his watch worth 15 lakhs, you are poor goons, I know you will need much money. Goon says even this girl will go with ring now. Rudra holds his hand. Bhavya looks at Rudra. Jeena laga hoon…..plays…. Goon points gun at him. Bhavya thinks what to do, if I take gun out, Rudra will know my truth that I m ACP, but any life can go here. She bends to take out her gun. Buamaa sees the fire and says you have burnt my Ratan’s memories. Om says I don’t know how this caught fire, why will I do this. Gauri looks on.

Buamaa says you did good, old memories are like chains, you opened the chains, go and get ready for sangeet, let me cry alone. Om says I did not do anything, please open the door. Buamaa says let me stay alone with my sorrow. Om says please open the door, I don’t know how it caught fire. Om cries.

Rudra beats the goons. He signs Bhavya and smiles. She signs him to see goon. Goon punches his face. Rudra fights with them. Gauri sees the candle and recalls wax. She sees the recorder. Om says don’t know how this fire caught up, I think we should leave Buamaa alone, I will send fire extinguisher.

Bhavya gets commissioner’s call. She says nothing is fine, some goons surrounded me. He says it means Rudra got to know you are an ACP. She says no. He asks what, then who is fighting. She sees Rudra and says Rudra, I think we underestimated this guy. He says that’s better, he can help you. She says no, I handled more goons alone. She ends call.

Buamaa sees the fire and smiles. She recalls putting the candles and tying thread to the stands to make them fall when Om opens the cupboard and takes recorder. She says it was necessary to make Om feel guilty, see how I use this guilt and play my last move, it will get you and Gauri together, else how will my Ratan come back in world.

Bhavya slaps a goon. Goon says she is police. Rudra sees Bhavya. He says yes I m police. Goon run away. Rudra asks Bhavya to see his fighting style, they felt I m police. She says yes, if you beat them like this, they will think you are police. He says policemen are boring, they look scary, you don’t be scared, till I m with you, I won’t let anything happen to you. He goes. Jeene laga hoon……plays…. Bhavya smiles and thinks of their moments.

Gauri says after I leave, if anyone asks where is Gauri, tell I did not say anything and ran away. Saathiya……plays…. She cries. Om walks away. Om gets shocked seeing Buamaa walking to the window edge.

Update Credit to: Amena


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