Veer sees Phantom with a girl Khushi and asks from where did he bring this girl. Phantom stammers and says she is his bhabhi, elder brother’s wife. Rangeela silently keep tracking device in Veer’s jeep. Phantom leaves with Khushi hurriedly. Rangeela thinks his device will show wherever Veer goes and if he goes to meet Bhisma, he will know.

Phantom takes Khushi home and asks why did she come here. She says for him. Rangeela calls him and asks him to hide Kushi somewhere as Veer saw her and meet him right now. Phantom asks Khushi to be careful and not open door. She hugs him. He then meets Rangeela and tells he loves Khushi and she is doctor’s daughter. Balam says Phantom is lying. Raneela says Khushi is doctor’s daughter, when is born and bought up in Delhi. Shivani congratulates

Phantom and feeds him sweets. Rangeela’s aide calls him and says Veer went to Benisagar, Katra bazaar, and Ranigunj. Rangeela asks till when he stayed in Ranigunj. Aide says around 40 min. Rangeela realizes Veer has hidden Chaudhry saheb in Ranigunj.

Veer fixes silencer to his gun and thinks this gun will send Berahampur’s Bhagwan to real Bhagwan. He sees Bhisma missing and reads his message that it was not easy to run in king’s times as there used to be high security, but not now. He shouts angrily.

Rangeela rescues Bhisma. Bhisma says he was trying to become Bhagwan, whom he considered son tried to kill him, whom he kept as Ghulam fulfilled son’s duty, says let us go to haveli. Rangeela says if he goes there, Veer will try to kill him. Bhisma asks if he wants him to accept defeat. Rangeela says they have to change this place’s thinking and cruel rule, like in Samudra manthan they will know who is with him and who is against. Bheem pampers him and asks where did he learn these great words. He says his amma taught him. Bhisma says everyone considered her as mad, but she taught such great morales. He asks Rangeela to bring his amma tomorrow to mandir, he will marry her and give her rights.

Rangeela with Shivani, Balam, and Phantom takes amma to temple. Amma asks why did he bring her here. He says she likes sindhoor. She says she does not like new clothes. Shivani smiles and says she is seeing new Rangeela each day. Amma sees god and happily prays. Bhisma stands next to her and prays. Amma sees him and panics. Rangeela and Shivani console her. Bhisma prays god that he is giving Shanti her rights and happiness Rangeela deserves, prays go forgive him for his mistakes. He walks to Shanti amma and folding hands says he knows she is angry on him for the injustice he did to her, he does not deserve forgiveness, but if possible she should. Amma asks Rangeela to tell him not to fold hands in front of her. Bhisma shows sindhoor. Amma gets happy, says she likes Sindhoor a lot and will apply it in her forehead daily. Bhisma hugs her and she does not resist. Rangeela gets happy and emotional.

Veer gets a call from aide that Chaudhry saheb is not found. He scolds to search everywhere and find him. He thinks if Sarkar meets panchayath and reclaims his crown, then he will be kicked out of crown. He has to stop sarkar from meeting Panchayath or haveli here. He calls sarpanch Fateh Singh. Fateh Sigh asks if Chaudhry is found. Vee says no and asks him to meet him alone for some important work. Fateh Singh says he will come tomorrow. Veer smirks.

Sarkar marries Shanti amma and ties mangalsutra in her neck and applies sindhoor. Sarva mangala mangalya…mantras play in the background. Rangeela happily hugs them both.

Precap: Rangeela asks Veer to marry Khushi, but not in Berahampur. Phantom says this is his house, why will he marry somewhere else. Rangeela says Veer will create problem. Phantom says he is on his side and will toss and decide. He asks Balam to toss.

Update Credit to: MA


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