Jhanvi asks Priyanka to do rasam. Pinky says sorry, she can’t do rasam alone. Shivaye says this rasam will happen, come in. Jhanvi says whatever you do will be for Priyanka’s good. Pinky praises him. Shivaye says no, Anika deserves the praise. Some time back, Shivaye asks Khanna is he ready, just keep me informed. Anika asks Shivaye are you going somewhere. He says I will come back in an hour. Anika says when time is less, one hour looks more, I mean I was saying there is less time for sangeet. He says I will come before sangeet. She says I will miss you a lot. He says what about you running from room yesterday. She says leave it. He says matter is still incomplete. She says you came on same track again. He says you don’t come on that track. He kisses on her cheek. She gets shocked. He holds her close

and says I will come back in one hour, we will celebrate sangeet with everyone, and then our first night. He goes. Anika holds her cheek and smiles.

Pinky pats her shoulder and asks what’s your plan. Anika asks what do you mean. Pinky says just 2 days are left, what will you do that Shivaye makes you out of this house, think else I have to do something. Anika says no, don’t tell anything to Shivaye. Pinky says then do what I m saying. Anika goes and cries. She says Shivaye is my life, how will I stay away, but if I don’t go away, Pinky will tell truth to Shivaye, what shall I do. She cries. Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…. She opens the cupboard and takes Shivaye’s clothes. She recalls the old moments. She hugs his clothes and cries. She gets a watch and recalls. FB shows Mrs. Kapoor blackmailing Shivay. Anika says about what video was she talking, what does that video has that Shivay will agree to her. FB ends.

Pinky asks why did you call me here, your life is struck by poverty. Kamini says I stay on my own, you had to come to me to ask for help, your son does not listen to you, my nephew is enough to do anything, I don’t need my sons. Pinky says shut up, Shivaye can do anything for me. Kamini says yes, like you can do anything for yourself, you have no value in that house and Shivaye’s sight, you said you will convince Shivaye, it means you can’t do anything. Pinky says Shivaye does not refuse to me ever, he never refuses to his mum. Kamini asks mum? You can’t see your son’s happiness, to show Anika that Shivaye loves you more, you have put his happiness on stake, your hatred for Anika is more than your love. Pinky says I don’t need to prove how much my son loves me. Kamini asks your son? Pinky says I will answer you later, I will see you. She goes.

Jhanvi makes Anika sit for rasam. She tells Priyanka about rasam, where she has to gift Anika. Pinky says sorry, she can’t do rasam alone, girl can do this rasam with husband only, see Priyanka is hiding her sorrow, its better this rasam does not happen. Shivaye comes and says this rasam will happen, Priyanka had cried enough, now just happiness will come in her life. He calls Ranveer. Shakti asks what is this guy doing here. Jhanvi says you know what he did with Priyanka. Shivaye says its over now, Ranveer is Priyanka’s husband now.

Shakti says Priyanka did mistake and you are talking of keeping this relation. Shivaye says Ranveer changed, I have sent 20 croress cheque and annulment papers by Khanna, so that Ranveer signs papers and takes cheque, Khanna recorded conversation on spy cam. They see the video. Khanna asks Ranveer to sign papers and take 20 crores cheque. Kamini asks Ranveer to sign, he won’t get Priyanka, atleast he can get 20 crores. Ranveer refuses and says none can separate me from Priyanka. He tears cheque and says tell Shivaye my love is not on sale, I love Priyanka, I just want my wife, out.

Shivaye says I m convinced Ranveer will keep Priyanka happy. Jhanvi says I know, whatever you do will be for Priyanka’s good, we should give him a chance. Priyanka thanks Shivaye and hugs. Shivaye gives her hand to Ranveer. Jhanvi blesses Priyanka and Ranveer. Pinky praises Shivaye. Shivaye says no, Anika deserves the praise, she taught me the importance of marriage, many times small mistake breaks relation, Anika taught me once relation joins, we should not let it break, we should give it a chance to become better. Shakti says I m happy Anika is this house’s bahu. Priyanka and Ranveer do the rasam. Pinky sees Anika. Anika waits for….Tia calls out Anika. Anika says I need your help.

Anika says I have some questions, just you can answer it, will you help me. Everyone say Anika is not at home. Shivaye says I will go and find her. They see Anika getting someone home.

Update Credit to: Amena


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