Sona walks out of Dev’s house sadly. She turns and sees Dev watching from his room window. Dev walks in. She leaves. Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi…song..plays in the background. Dev enters kitchen while Ishwari is busy cleaning plates. He picks water. She says she feels he forced her to marry, he does not have to without his wish. He asks why she is thinking like that, there is nothing like that. Ishwari says he does not know anything, he agreed so early to marry Payal that she feels he is doing this to keep her happy. Dev says he is doing this for himself, when happiness comes in his life, they come as guests, if he wants them stay with him forever, he has to keep them. Ishwari disappointedly asks if he really wants to marry. He says he knows what he wants and he will get

that. Ishwari stands concerned.

At Bose house, while having dinner, Bose asks Sona if se had a hectic day at office. She says she did not go to office, she went with Dev to see a girl for his marriage, he liked that girl and her name is Payal. Bejoy says she has a hectic schedule, Iswari should have understood that and hired an agency, till when Jatin will handle. Sona confronts he should be happy, he wanted Dev to marry and get out of her life, what problem he has. She says she has to go to work early in the morning and walks out. Bejoy tells Asha that Sona did not hesitate, she got angry instead.

Sona goes to office in the morning. Her secretary says she is getting late for meeting. Sona shouts not today, then apologizes and says she is unwell and will have meeting tomorrow. Phone rings. Sona picks call and shouts not today, cancel everything. Dev asks what to cancel, normal people does not cancel anything, what she is canceling by the way. She says meetings. He says good, she is going to meet Payal with him in the evening.

Dev waits for Sona in the evening. She comes. He tries to open door. She says she remembers she has to open door, okay buddy. Dev says she understood and sits in car. Sona sees bouquet. Dev says he selected each flower carefully, he hopes Payal likes it. He says when he meets Payal, she should sit in back seat and let Payal sit next to him. Sona fumes and says it is their date, what is she doing in between, she should get down. He says she promised she will hep him until his pheras finish and even after that.

They both reach restaurant. Dev greets Payal and helps her sit on chair. She thanks. He asks if she is happy with their alliance. She says everyone are happy, especially her mom. Dev says he asked about her. She looks sad. A man forcefully enters and manager tries to stop him. Payal identifies him as her boyfriend Karan and asks why did he come here. He says for her, he cannot let her marry anyone else, he left his stupid idea of business and got a job. Dev says Payal is marrying him, so back off. Karan pushes Dev and slaps him. Dev falls on table and injures his forehead. Sona shouts how dare he is to touch Dev, if he knows who he is. Dev tries to react, but Sona holds his hand. Dev warns he did wrong, does he know who he is. Karan says he knows he is a big shot, but he cannot come between him and Payal, Payal’s mother is forcefully getting her married. Sona says if that is the case, nobody can separate them, they can seek her help if needed. They both thank her and leave.

Dev acts and asks Sona if she came here to unite Payal and Karan or fix his alliance. Sona says she realized his planning, how can he not inquire about Payal’s background and did not react when she just held his one hand. She realized that he have Payal’s background and got her boyfriend a job and even made arrangements to call him and did all this drama, she became a a fool in all this. Dev says how could he come in between 2 lovers, he respects love, how they both would have realized their love if he had not done this. She says why didn’t he inform her. He says if he had informed her, she would have handled situation in her way, how they would have known the value of love, love is both strength and weakness, he cannot make any weakness as his strength, everyone has right to love, but sometimes to get love one has to bear small injures, pointing at his forehead injury. When someone loves, love story is made and when someone follows love, fairytales are made and if you want to live in fairytale, you have to show a bit of courage.

Ishwari speaks to Dev over phone and says what they can do, not problem. Mamaji enters and asks what did he say. She pretends to be sad. Maamaji says she is acting. Ishwari excitedly says he told he is not marrying Payal as Payals mother was forcing her to marry, Dev rejected alliance after knowing this. Mamaji says he told his nephew will not do anything wrong. GKB hears that and fumes that he is worried about his nephew and sister, his own’s son plan failed and he is not bothered.

GKB scolds Vicky that his plan failed and girl backed off. They both realized Dev is involved and he sidelined Payal, it is not easy to play game with Dev. GKB asks to plan big, else bengalan will marry Dev. They have to find a girl from whom Dev cannot go away. He now will play game with Dev, Sona, and Ishwari.

Dev and Sona return home. Ishwari gets concerned seeing Dev’s forehead injury. Dev says he is fine. He says it is good he backed off, anyways he did not want to marry. Dev says when they face problems, they should move ahead. He agrees that he did not want do marry, but Sona explained her and he realized he needs a life partner, he had liked Payal and did not know she loves someone else, if she had told her before, this all would not have happened. He asks Sona to get ready, they will meet another girl. Ishwari stands in a shock.

Precap: Sona tells Dev and his new girl that everyone were asking about them. Girl says they were coming in, but she wants to ask one question as she does not want to take risk. Sona says go ahead. She asks if they both are sure that they don’t want to reunite. Dev and Sona look at each other’s face.

Update Credit to: MA


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