The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira having a cute argument. They dance. Yahan wahan…..plays….. He gets a chunri and ties their hands. She fixes a clip to their fingers. He smiles and gets a stapler, glue and lip balm. She laughs. He pulls her close. She sees a feather coming in. They hold the feather in hand. He kisses her hand. Kirti recalls Aditya’s words and says I should forget it, his words should not affect me. Naira gets a call and gets shocked.

Dadi goes to Manish. Manish says send some donation from my side, Kirti came out of problem. Dadi says how will she get saved from loneliness, what’s her age, how will she live alone, she needs someone. He says I know, but her wound is fresh, we would hurt her more. She says if we divert her soon, her sorrow will

get less. He asks what’s guarantee she will get someone right, people join relations by some motives, we should not break her heart, we should wait for some days, our prayers and her fate will make happiness reach her.

Dance academy person meets Naina and says we called you many times, you did not answer, we got a complaint against you. Kartik asks what. The man says she called dancers and did not go for rehearsals. Forget the permission to open academy, artist should respect other artist, better apologize to one who got hurt, if they take complain back, you will have chance else not, I have to report to seniors to cut your name from list, you won’t get permission to open academy, forget it now. He goes. Naira cries. She says what did this happen, my mumma’s dream, this can’t happen, Papa’s hope, everyone’s hardwork. She recalls Naitik’s words. She gets Naitik’s call.

She says no, I can’t tell him that I could not fulfill promise. Kartik says you did not do anything intentionally, talk to him, he is also related to academy, he has right to know. She answers call. Naitik asks her what happened. She cries and says sorry, we did not get permission to open academy. He says this was not just business opportunity, it was Akshara and my dream, how did you, sorry, I was emotional, I know its not your mistake, promise me you will try again. She says yes, I will try and not let your heart break this time. He wishes her all the best. He gets sad. Baisa says I think Dadi’s bad sight has struck Naira’s dreams. Bhabhimaa says no, sometimes work is not done even when we try. Bau ji says you are right, we get hurt when hope breaks, I think we should console him. Devyaani says Kartik will manage Naira.

Kartik inspires Naira. He says there is always a second chance, we will get permission. He asks her not to get sad, my tigress will never lose, she will fulfill her and her parents’ dream, right. Surekha says Naira did not get permission for academy, you also wanted this. Dadi says I did not wish Naira to dance, but I did not wish this to happen, our name got spoiled as Goenka bahu did not get permission. Surekha says yes, but its good, Kartik will not force you to agree.

Its morning, Naira says they will expel us, is there no other way. The man calls her and says dancers are taking their complaint back. She asks really, thanks. He asks her to fulfill basic requirements, submit 75 original forms till evening, all the best for next year, this can’t happen today. She hears Surekha talking of heavy discounts and gets an idea. She thanks Lord as maha bhoj happened well. Lav and Kush say its a leave today. Suwarna says I have seen your school bus. Surekha says they are asked not to come school today, someone complaint that they have beaten someone, I know they can’t do this, they are my children.

Suwarna asks kids did they beat anyone. Surekha says why are you asking, they can’t beat anyone, people are jealous of them, I will sort out matter. Naira asks her to confirm with kids. Surekha says I trust them completely. Suwarna says maybe they got angry and raised hand, ask them once, its better we teach them right and wrong. Surekha says I don’t need to ask this from you, you did not experience this or raise kids. Suwarna cries. Surekha realizes what she said. Suwarna goes. Dadi looks on.

Naira says if mum is just to give birth, just Devki would be his mum, not Yashoda, we always learnt mum who gives upbringing is bigger than one who gives birth. Dadi asks Surekha did she leave thinking before talking, control your tongue, else I know to control it.

Suwarna sees a toy and cries, recalling Surekha’s words. Naira comes and sees the baby toy. Suwarna keeps the toy in box. Naira hugs her. Surekha comes and apologizes. Suwarna says you did not say wrong, forget it, I will try to forget. Surekha says I can’t forget till you forgive me, how can I tell this to you, you have raised Lav and Kush more than me. Suwarna hugs her. Naira looks at the cupboard.

Naira talks to Gayu and says I did not read performance details, there is a solo and couple performance. Kartik says do as its written. Naira dances with someone. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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