Arjun asks Maya what is she doing here in these clothes. She looks anxious. He asks to wash her face as she is sweating. She looks at water tank and reminisces Samay getting into it telling he cannot hold his breatth for long and if he dies, Arjun will get all evidences against her. Maya walks towards tank and drops her hand into water. Samay holds her hand and pulls it in. Arjun asks what happened. Maya pushes Samay’s face in and removes her hand out. Arjun says Maya let us stay here for sometime and then go. She reminisces Samay’s words again and says she cannot stay here, let us go. They both walk away. Samay comes out of water tank and thinks Maya’s madness will not work now.

Saanjh on terrace shouts and vents out her frustration. She thinks she trusted Samay so much, but he betrayed

her. He used her to get near Maya. He shouts papa taught to trust people, but her trust betrayed her, what she will do now, if she should die like papa. Now, she will not keep quiet and will confront Maya and Samay.

Doc gives injection to Maya. Arjun asks what happened to Maya, she went to their old godown. Doc says she got an anxiety attack and he should be with her and assure that he will not leave her. Arjun pampers Maya and says he is with her and bandar.

Saanjh searches rooms. Suman asks what happened. Saanjh says where is Samay, if he did not come home yet. Vandana also comes and says Saanjh called her, what is the issue that she could not speak over phone. Saanjh says she wants to tell one thing, she does not want to marry. Suman asks why. Saanjh says Samay..papa… Samay calls and asks Saanjh where is she, he is searching her since long. She says that…He says he kidnapped Samay and gives phone to Shubh. Shubh munching food asks what is it. Saanjh says where is he. Samay takes phone and says Samay is safe with his jiju, she need not worry. Suman asks what she was telling about Samay. Saanjh says Samay had promised papa that he will keep her happy, how can she be happy without papa. She locks herself into room. Vandana consoles Suman.

Maya looks at her tummy into mirror and says mamma loves papa and him/her and can give her life for them and even take someone’s life, like she will take Samay’s life. She reminisces Samay forcing her and nobody should know that she has shattered, else if papa will know he will leave her. What she should do now, she needs a way, she cannot stay without papa. She then says shh…papa will wake up, goes and sleeps next to Arjun, wipes his sweat and increase AC. Samay calls her. She reminisces Samay’s warning that she will do whatever he asks, will pick his call if he calls. She goes to washroom and picks his call. Samay asks why did not she change her clothes yet, if she is remembering him. She anxiously says Samay. He says Rajeev.. Samay was the truth which she had made, now Rajeev is the truth which she knows. She says Arjun is sleeping, she will speak to him tomorrow. He laughs evil and says who has seen tomorrow, she has to talk to him whole night, else he will inform her secret to her bow..bow..bow.. dog Arjun. Today is love night, whoever has slept let them sleep, whoever is awake, love them.

Samay continues and says his love will accept her with all her bad and Arjun will leave her if he will know about her evil act. He asks he to stop crying and do as he says, else he will tell all the secret to her dog Arjun. The secret because of which she killed Ashwin is him. He orders her to smile. She smiles. He says he is coming to her. She says no no…she is smiling. He says he fell for her seeing her smile, he can give life and take life for that. He kisses screen and asks to call his name with love. She stammers Rajjjjeev…He asks to tell with love Rajeeeeev…I love you Rajeev. She cries says I love you….Arjun. He asks to tell she cannot live without him. She repeats. He asks to free her hair. She does. He says she will do whatever he says.

Precap: Samay wearing groom’s attire decorates bed with flowers for suhagraat says today he and Maya will unite forever. Maya enters wearing bridal dress. Samay crawl towards her on bed.

Update Credit to: MA


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