Buamaa walks to the edge of the window. Om sees her and gets shocked. Gauri gets the wig cap and says Buamaa was calling some child as Ratan, Om said Ratan is dead, whom was Buamaa talking to, is this Ratan’s…. She reads a message on trunk and gets shocked. Some time before, Bhavya talks to commissioner and says Shivaye announced Rudra and I got married, how will Sultan know we are prime witness of encounter, he will think we were getting married here at that time. He says Shivaye will do anything to save his brother, he shared this idea and I agreed, Sultan will come as it will be proved Shivaye is lying to save his brother. She asks how. He asks do you have tv there.

She switches on tv and sees inspector showing Rudra and Bhavya’s pic. Rudra says Sultan will not doubt on us, once

he knows we got married. Om shows the news. Rudra says he is like me. Inspector says Shivaye is lying, the criminal died because of that guy and girl. I was there, this guy has seen him and made him fall down, then police did encounter. Rudra says I did not do anything, I lost balance and fell on him, they think I m helping them, I will get bravery award. Om asks you think its funny, Shivaye did this to save you, this policeman ruined everything, Sultan can get you from home. Gauri says how, let me come, I will slap him. Rudra asks Om to learn from her. Om sees Amuk and Kranti. He pulls Gauri. Gauri asks what happened. Om signs her and says we will handle everything, come. They go. Amuk says our work is done, they are together, we should leave. They leave.

Bhavya says you are right Sir, this news would have reached Sultan by now. Sultan sees the news. He asks the men to catch this policeman. Gauri says sangeet got over, the govt. Officers also went, I think I should leave. Om says thanks for everything. She says no need to thank, you saved my life, you gave me this life, I should thank you, the respect and love I got here is not less than a beautiful dream for me. Om asks shall I drop you somewhere. She says no, I will go, if anyone asks you where is Gauri, tell them you don’t know. She cries and says tell them I did not say and ran away, put blame on me, blame should not come on you. He looks at her. He says take care. Saathiya…..plays….. He forwards hand. They shake hands. She recalls their marriage. Om recalls moments with Gauri and Chulbul. They turn and see each other. Om goes. Gauri cries.

Om asks servant about medical box. Servant says its for Buamaa, she was talking strange things. Om goes to see Buamaa. He gets shocked seeing Buamaa walking to the window. She reaches the edge and bends. Om pulls her back. She says let me go to Ratan. She faints. Om recalls Ratan’s death.

Gauri recalls Shivaye getting her home. She says the love and respect this house gave me, I can never forget it, I will apologize to Buamaa once and then leave without saying. Om makes Buamaa rest and shouts to servant. He asks him to call doctor fast. He says Buamaa open eyes, I m Om, what if I m not Ratan, I m also your son. He sprinkles water on her. Buamaa wakes up and says Ratan. He says its me, Om, what happened to you.

Rudra shows the statues and says my long haired brother made all these statues, he used to make these and I used to spoil it, he never scolded me, Shivaye always scolded me and then convinced me. She says you brothers have much love. He says entire family has much love, if any outsider comes, we make them ours, you stay here for some days, you will not wish to leave them, tell me about your family, your parents will be my Saas and sasur, your sisters will be my Saalis, how many Saali/sister in laws do I have. She says we will talk about my family later, tell about yours. Rudra jokes. She gets commissioner’s call.

Gauri goes to Buamaa’s room and calls her out. She says maybe she is not here. She sees the trunk and says I m going from here, why do I care, I will not get peace till I see it. She goes to see. She opens the trunk. She gets a wig cap. She says Buamaa was calling some child as Ratan, Om said Ratan is dead, whom was Buamaa talking to, is this Ratan’s…. She reads a message on trunk and gets shocked.

Bhavya asks how did you call now. Commissioner says there is a bad news, the inspector who gave news is killed. She asks what. He says I m sure Sultan did this, news reached there, but poor inspector had to lose his life. Gauri recalls Buamaa’s words. She reads the line, You will come, Omkara will go. She checks the box and screams. She falls back and cries.

Buamaa asks will you take rounds with Gauri in front of me. Om says I will take seven rounds with Gauri again. Gauri looks at him. Saathiya…..plays….

Update Credit to: Amena


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