Dev asks Sonakshi to get ready tomorrow, they will meet another girl. Ishwaari and Sona look at him in a shock. Dev then goes to Suhana’s room and sees her dancing. He asks her to continue. She says she does not like him getting new mamma and wants only her own mamma. Dev says Suhana told her secret, now he will tell his secret, he is doing all this to get back Sona in his life and she will realize how much she loves him. She gets very happy and asks if he is still not sure mamma will remarry him. Dev says if he was not so sure, he would not have played this drama.

Next day, GKB calls new girl Nisha and her family. GKB continues her broken English and irritating English and asks Nisha’s family to eat Ishwari’s prepared snacks and says she is sure Nisha also cooks well

and gives break to Ishwari. Mamaji comments she has not seen kitchen and is pushing Nisha into kitchen before fixing anything. GKB yells he always finds chances to insult her, it is better if she had married rakshas/monster. Mamaji comments marriage don’t happen in blood relationships. Nisha’s parents smile. GKB fumes. Girl’s parents ask how Dev agreed for marriage. GKB says Dev’s ex-wife Sona convinced him. Nisha asks really. Sona says they have moved on and are best friends now. Parents ask to call Dev. GKB says she will call him. Ishwari says Sona will call him. Sona gets tensed.

Sona goes to Dev’s room and sees him shirtless in vest and gets nervous. Dev says good she came, else if some other girl or Nisha had seen him like this, she would have felt nervous. Sona asks why not her. He says she is his best friend now and doesn’t bother. She gets more nervous. He asks her to select shirt for him. She selects. He asks to get him wear it. She says what. He says he will wear it, she has to fix tie. She does nervously. Golu and Soha enter and say everyone are waiting for them. Sona walks with them. Dev hopes Sona realizes her love for him soon.

Dev and Nisha chat. Nisha talks about Delhi’s traffic and asks why did he and Sonakshi separate. Dev says it was mutual decision and they are bonded as friends now because of their daughter Soha. He praises Sona that she took care of Soha alone for 7 years, she does not want to stay with him and he did not force her. Their conversation continues. Nisha sees Sona and stops. Sona says everyone are waiting for them. Nisha says she wants to question them one thing as she is risking her life. Sona says go ahead. Nisha says if they are not sure that they don’t want to reunite. Sona says she is sure. Dev says even he is sure. Nisha says then she is ready for this alliance. Elders come. Nisha says she is ready for this alliance. GKB congratulates. Dev says this would not have happened with Sona and asks if she will not congratulate him. She congratulates with fake smile. Ishwari thinks what happened to Sona, why is Dev agreeing for marriage so early. GKB tells everyone to hall. Dev and Sona’s conversation starts again. Dev says once he gets married, he will select a boy for Sona, this is what they decided. Sona says she does not want to marry. Dev says if she wants to romance her client’s handsome son, feeding her patient bitter guard. Sona says he thinks he is handsome. He says he said she feeds bitter guard to patient. She says she did not, okay twice as Ishwari was getting adamant. Their conversation continues.

GKB drops Nisha’s family out and returns back discussing family was looking decent. Nisha returns and says she forgot her bag. Dev gives bag to Nisha, saying Sona thank you buddy while walking towards Nisha. Nisha slips and Dev holds her. Sona gets jealous. Elena says so cute, Dev held Nisha’s bag firs and then Nisha. Suhana smiles. Golu says he does not like all this. Suhana says wait and watch. GKB comments they were looking cute Raj Kapoor and Nargis Jodi. Nisha says she just came to take her bag and leaves.

Sona reminisces Dev holding Nisha. Suhana enters. Sona asks why did she call Nisha new mamma, if she will call her old mamma, everyone likes new things. Suhana says no. Sona then feels bad and says she should not call her old mama, if she likes someone calling her mamma. Suhana says they both don’t like, but what if pappa marries a new mamma, what will she call her.

Precap: Dev tells Sona and Nisha that he cannot wait more for engagement. Sona says it is good then and asks when is engagement. Dev says if nobody is having any problem, then tomorrow. He holds Nisha’s hand and leaves.

Update Credit to: MA


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