The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Naira and Kiran’s names. She says some girl is with Naira, don’t know who, maybe it does not affect her family but it matters to me to see my bahu dancing with strangers. Manish comes and asks Dadi is there any matter. She says I was thinking of Naira, she will open dance academy and dance on stage. He says I know. She says did you not find it wrong. He says you gave permission. She says its not good for family respect. She says its good for Naira, its Akshara’s mum’s dream, Naira has forgiven us for Akshara’s death, its lour duty to support her. She nods.

Kartik comes to room and says Naira would have slept by now. He sees her hurt. He asks what happened. She says I danced after many days, so its aching. He does the aid. He relieves

her stress. He massages her shoulders. She asks him to stop it, its done. He says you are my treatment. She says you are my illness and treatment. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. They say I love you to each other.

Its morning, Kartik says we met in Rishikesh on this day, she did not wish first year anniversary. Garland falls in his neck. He sees the servant. He says what a day, garland, aarti and diya, where is Naira. Suwarna takes tea for Manish. She asks him to rest for some time. He says you have also stayed awake all night, go and sleep. She says I can rest in day time. He says I like going office, I like to work there. He says Maa told me about Naira’s dance, you think its happening right. She says its not wrong, you also understand Naira, she will not do anything to hurt us, she took maha bhoj responsibility, all days passed well, its not easy to do rehearsals and cooking food, Naira said if Kirti…. Dadi comes and asks Manish to talk to pandit. Dadi scolds Suwarna. She asks her not to use Manish, Kirti’s marriage broke, why do you want all this, you are encouraging Kirti, think of our respect, don’t fill this nonsense in Manish’s mind. Manish returns phone to Dadi. Dadi goes. Manish asks Suwarna what was she saying. She says nothing, I will go and make breakfast.

Kartik goes to wish anniversary. Naira goes. Kartik says she got so busy. Naira cooks hurriedly. He coughs to get her attention. She asks him why did he keep the garland in neck. He thinks maybe she is not wishing as staff is here. He asks Naira to wish, say that I want to hear. She says fine, I love you and goes. He asks her to listen. She says I have to end much work, go from here. He says its my house, I won’t go She says fine, let me work. She cuts onions. He cries and talks to Mishti. He says Naira forgot that imp day, I did not think this. Mishti laughs and asks him to remind Naira. He says she does not understand. She says if she does not remember then… He gets sad.

He sees Lav and Kush hiding some card. The kids leave. He goes and says so this was her plan, she was so busy. He sees the card and kisses it. He gets excited. He sees kids have given the card for Naira. Naira comes to room with flowers. She slips. He holds her. The flowers fall on them. She says all flowers fell down, I thought to keep them in all rooms. He asks why, is there any special day. She says yes, Dadi said there is something, its good to keep red flowers. He asks what, fine decorate in all rooms, everywhere, staircase as well. He says I m busy and goes. He says she does not remember this big thing, marriage should be named Alzheimer, fine Naira see now.

Kids sing rap and apologize to elders. Naira calls them brave. Suwarna says one who rectifies mistake is good boy. Kirti says hurting anyone is bad, we should respect everyone. Kids say we will become good kids and not hurt anyone. Kirti asks Naira to leave now. Suwarna says bhoj is over, you can go now. Kirti asks shall I help you. Naira asks can you manage costumes. Kirti says no, you are expecting a lot from me. Naira says no, you can do this. Kirti refuses. Naira says I have less time, I have to prepare much, it will be good for me if anyone takes my responsibility. Dadi says don’t force her, she said she can’t do, take help from someone else, I m thinking to send Kirti abroad, end this matter here, else I have to think on my decision again. She gives the file to Naira. She says be careful of family respect, its fine you are dancing with Kiran, next time maybe I don’t give permission. Maid gives the photo. Naira says its my and Kiran’s photo, maybe it fell down. Dadi does not see photo. She asks Naira not to tell all that to Kirti again.

Kartik misses Naira, Akhilesh jokes. He asks what happened. He says Surekha always complains when I ask her anything. Kartik says nothing. Akhilesh asks why are you not telling the problem, things are not like we think, someone has sent this gift for you. He goes. Kartik checks gift and gets note. He says which is this company, Naira did not remember to send me gift. He sees the gift and smiles. He says I m getting irritated, this day is not imp for Naira.

Naira rehearses with Kiran. Elders look on and talk. They laugh. Bhabhimaa says we will make healthy breakfast for them. Naira does not see Kartik’s call. Kartik says she is not even calling back. Naira calls him. He hears loud music and asks her to go to side. She does not hear him. He ends call and says I will not call now, I will off my phone. Manager says your wife called. Naksh asks Kartik to come home fast, Naira….. Kartik worries.

Kartik comes and asks for Naira. He runs to her room and shouts Naira. He sees darkness in the room and looks for her.


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