The man keeps the box. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked seeing dummies burning. Gauri says I know you don’t want to see my face, call me if you need help, take care. Some time before, Rudra plays music. Lag jaa gale…..plays…. Bhavya says my mum liked this song a lot. She stands near the window and cries. Om cares for Gauri. She looks at him. Rudra sees Bhavya crying. Om sees Gauri. Rudra gets tissues for Bhavya. Gauri cares for Om and gives him water. Om looks at her. Rudra acts and makes Bhavya smile.

Bhavya wakes up and goes to kitchen. She says what shall I cook, I will not get sleep till I have food, I will make pasta. Rudra comes and helps her. He asks are you hungry. She says I m hungry, I m making pasta. He says I will make it, you sit. She says will you cook, you are from

big family. He asks does people from big family not have food. She says yes, but you will have much staff. He says we have much staff, we Shivaye cooks for us, we brothers have Obro moments here, I will show my talent. She thinks he is so lucky to get such good family. He shouts oh no milk ended.

She says its fine, we will have it without milk. He says no, everything is perfectly made in our kitchen, milkman would be coming. A man dresses as milkman and comes. Rudra says vegetables have to boiled well, everything is ready. The man checks Rudra’s room. Rudra sees him and asks him to come in. He asks are you new. The man says yes. Rudra says this is kitchen, put all bottles in fridge. The man keeps the bottles. He sees the dummy hand popping out of box and puts it inside. Bhavya says I can’t wait now. Rudra says I will serve, where did that man go. He smells the food. The man goes to Rudra’s room and keeps the box.

Rudra says pasta is ready. Bhavya asks shall we have it now. He says sure. She removes the salad. She eats and says fruit of patience is really sweet, you have it. He says my hunger died. She eats. He thinks it does not look she eats so much, where does so much food go. The man keeps the boxes in room. Bhavya says pasta was less, I m feeling hungry, what to have now, I will have apple. Rudra sees her getting many apples. They come to the room. She says I can sleep for two hours now and then it will be breakfast time. He thinks her stomach did not get filled by having so much food. They see some dummy burning. She says someone have come by the door.

He says that milkman was new, I will go and see, wait here. He runs out. She goes by window. He gets tired and stops. He asks did you get him. She says no. He says I left you in room, how did you come here. She says I was afraid and came after you. He asks how did you come ahead of me, I did not see you. She says your focus was on that man, think what will we do of that mannequins. He says we have to think something, come. He sees the fire and says if Shivaye knows this, he will take action first. She says yes, this matter should be kept away from family. Rudra recalls everything.

Gauri says I know you don’t want to see my face, call me if you need help. Om asks her to keep some money. She refuses to take it. He says you helped me, I m not doing any favor. She says help is priceless, don’t ashame me by giving money, I will leave. Buamaa asks where is Gauri going. She says I know where you are going for puja, but you Shringhaar and aarti plate. Om asks puja. Buamaa says Vatsavitri puja, married women do this puja, get ready and go with Bhavya. Bhavya says I prepared aarti plate for you. Gauri thinks whenever I think of leaving, something happens. Bhavya says I m doing this drama, you will be really doing puja for Om.

Buamaa says this is imp puja, Satyavaan died, Yamraj came to take him, his wife Savitri did not leave him, Yamraj asks her to go, but she did not leave, Yamraj finally gave life back to Satyavaan, so suhaagans pray for husband’s long life on this day. Gauri goes to Om and says I will leave after puja ends. Saathiya…..plays….

Gauri and Om, Rudra and Bhavya dance on Chudi maza na degi…..

Update Credit to: Amena


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