Rangeela sends doctor and Khushi in a truck. Veer’s guards stop truck, show Khushi’s photo and asks if he saw this girl. He senses driver tensed and check truck. They find doctor and Khushi and forcefully get them in jeep. Rangeela reaches on bike with Phantom and rescues doctor and Khushi. Doctor pleads Rangeela to send them to Delhi safely. Phantom says wedding arrangements have been made and they cannot run away, Rangeela is fighting to change Berahampur for good. Doctor says he cannot fight against Veer. Rangeela says if he goes, who will treat poor Behrampur people. Doctor says he is right, he will say back. Rangeela says he will get respect of Berahampur woman and change Berahampur for good. Veer on the other side, he will keep women as slaves in Berhampur, they have to wake up early

and sleep late after men sleep. He will never let them express their feelings.

Rangeela is back home. Balam asks him how will they handle Veer and his men, they are only 2 people. Rangeela says shows CCTV cameras around his house and 12 sharp shooters guarding them whom he had rescued from Veer. Shivani praises his arrangements. He introduces one of sharp shooter and says he can fight for 20 hours and will not let Veer or his men in.

Rashmi draws Raghav’s sketch and cries. Manmeet reminisces burning sketch before and scolding her. He apologizes her and asks what he can do to stop her crying. She asks if he can bring back Raghav. He says no. She asks to leave his inebriation and asks to throw away his drugs. He reminisces promising her if she speaks, he will stop drugs. He says if she stops crying, he will throw drugs. He throws and wipes her tears.

Gulguli with family sits for lunch. Maldawali asks Rashmi to serve Veer and provokes. Manmeet asks why is she provoking with her dirty tricks, why will Rashmi serve the man who liked her fiance. Rashmi stares at Veer. Veer shouts to lower her gaze. Manmeet sends her in. Jageer laughs on Veer and says even family women are not afraid of him, he became sarpanch by trick, soon he will snatch his sarpanchi. Veer laughs on him and shouts. He then asks Gulguli to leave sarkar’s position. Gulguli says she is following Sarkar’s wish and nobody should dare shout in her house, they can get out if they want to.

Phantom and Khushi’s haldi rituals start. Amma says even she wants to apply haldi and beats dhol. Rangeela dances with her. Shivani and other family members also join.

Veer’s guard informs him that doctor and Khushi are hiding in Rangeel’s home and Khushi is marrying Phantom. Maldawali says Phantom is an orphan, why doctor’s friend is getting his daughter married to Phantom. Veer realized Phantom lied and Khushi is his girlfriend instead. He thinks of punishing them.

Precap: Veer’s men hang Phantom and Khushi in the middle of village and hold Rangeela. Rangeela pleads Veer to show his enemity on him and not innocent Phantom and Khushi. Veer asks he has gone against his malik, how will he go against Saparnch, Sarpanch will punish them for breaking rules.

Update Credit to: MA


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