Rudra asks where is Bhavya. Gauri says she is sitting in car with someone. Gauri calls her out. Buamaa says I will not lose, you will come in this world. Some time before, the lady asks Gauri and Bhavya to tie the thread to tree and take rounds, just thinking of husband. Gauri recalls Om and thinks some dreams never get fulfilled. Bhavya thinks of Rudra, and thinks no way, please let this dream just be dream. They do puja. They dance on Chudi maza na degi……and imagine dancing with Om and Rudra. They tie the threads. Gauri recalls Buamaa’s words.

Bhavya gets a call. The man asks how many men will you get killed ACP Bhavya. She asks who are you. He says the one who ignited fire in your life. She says you won’t be saved. He asks her to save Rudra first. She says don’t you dare,

I will kill you. He asks her to save her life first. Gauri recalls Buamaa and thinks did she burn Ratan’s toys herself, why will she do this, does she want to kill Om.

Om sits in the mandap and recalls Gauri’s words. Buamaa says they would have come by now. Jhanvi says they will be coming. Buamaa says it was not in my fate to see Ratan’s marriage, I wanted to see Om’s marriage, but he got married and came. Om thinks how to tell Buamaa, Gauri won’t come back. Bhavya asks what do you want. The man asks her to go and sit in the black car. Bhavya goes. Gauri says I understood Om’s life is in danger, he is innocent and does not want to see her truth. Goon asks Bhavya how did you like our gift, its not big thing for us to get inside Oberoi mansion.

Rudra lies on his bed and apologizes for the dirty mannequins. He gets a note there. He reads ….if we can get inside your house, think what can we do, don’t come outside the house. He says they are old fashioned to send note instead IM, its good I did not go out because of Om’s marriage, but Bhavya is out. He calls her. She disconnects. He calls Gauri. Rudra asks where is Bhavya. Gauri says she was here, what’s the matter. He says I have to talk to her. She sees Bhavya and says she is sitting in car with someone. He asks with whom. She says it looks like some goon. Gauri calls her out. The car leaves.

Gauri says Bhavya has gone. He asks where, did they kidnap her, where did they go. She tells him directions and asks is there any problem. He thinks everyone will panic if I tell them. He says no, maybe she went to meet family. He goes. She says I told Om I will leave after puja, but knowing his life has risk, how shall I leave him alone, he does not want to see my face, what to do, I will go Bareilly. Buamaa asks Jhanvi why is she crying, where did pandit go. Om says I have send him, this marriage won’t happen now. Buamaa asks what’s the matter.

Jhanvi says Gauri left. Buamaa asks how can Gauri go, tell me, she knows she has to marry you Om, how did you let her go, you know how imp is this for me. He says I know, but these rounds are not imp, even if this happened, Gauri had to leave forever, try to understand, Gauri and I did not had relation and will never have, Gauri knows this, I don’t regard her my life, so she has gone, its good for us. Buamaa gets shocked. Rudra calls Bhavya and asks her to answer where is she. Bhavya asks where does this way go, it looks an unpaved road. Goon sees her hiding the phone and takes it.

Buamaa recalls Ratan and apologizes. She says they snatched my hope, I will not lose, you will come in this world, I will get you. Jhanvi says I know its your life, you have right to decide, you did biggest mistake by sending Gauri. Om thinks how do I explain, Gauri does not deserve to become bahu of Oberoi family, there is no difference between Gauri and Shwetlana, I have seen her real avatar, Gauri can’t come back. Buamaa says Jhanvi, ask your son to get Ratan, else get Gauri. Om says its nor impossible, Gauri and I can’t unite, we can’t have anything. Buamaa asks why did you act and give me hope, will you get Gauri or not. He says I told you Gauri won’t come here now. She says fine, if you don’t get Gauri, your Buamaa…. They see Gauri walking in and smile. Om turns and gets shocked.

Om says you came back to get a fat amount, you should have told me if you wanted money. Gauri says enough, I just came for you. He says you are shameless and won’t go on own, I have to make you leave. He drags her out.

Update Credit to: Amena