The Episode starts with Kailash telling Kanganahow he has murdered Ravish. FB shows Kailash stabbing Ravish. Ravish holds his neck and tries to push him. Khushi sees this happening. Ravish falls down. Kailash cleans the marks from knife and keeps beside Ravish. He keeps everything at place. He gets the camera. He lies on the bed. FB ends. Kangana gets shocked.

Vividha says how can he do this with me, Kailash did this with me, he has seen me wearing handcuffs, I went jail for his crime, he did not say anything, I did a lot for him, I went against everyone, I took his responsibility, how to believe this. Atharv says you have to believe this, he will never change.

Kailash says I have hold my breath and wandered like an animal to take revenge from Atharv. Atharv and Vividha go to see

Kailash. Kailash says I don’t play a game to lose, I just know winning, no one will believe you, you try your best, Ravish has gone, I have come, none will be spared now, its impossible, because I m Kailash Kashyap, when I do tandav, people will get shaken in fear, they will just remember me. He sees Kangana asleep.

Vividha and Atharv come there. They enter the room. They see the room messed up. Kailash acts mad. He asks Vividha why is she restless, sit on my shoulder. Vividha says stop acting, why did you do this, you ruined everything again. Kailash asks what did I do. He sings song. Atharv sees the blanket. He asks what did you do of this room. He signs Vividha to look there. Vividha sees the blanket. Kailash stops Vividha from picking the blanket. He hides Kangana. He tells Atharv that he is his enemy. He shouts. Vividha and Atharv leave. Atharv says I will explain you, come. Kailash keeps shouting and shuts the door.

He sees Kangana angrily. Its night, Guddi goes to Kangana’s room and asks where are you, its time for your medicines. She asks Dadi about Kangana. Kangana says I did not see her. Guddi says I will find her. Dadi says ask Vividha also, if she needs anything, she cares for everyone and forgets about herself. Guddi asks Dadi to see Vividha. Dadi asks what’s the matter, you look annoyed, you did not spend time with her, I know your heart pain, Ravish’s death affected you, trust me, Vividha did not kill Ravish, she is your sister, not a murderer, she can’t think doing this. Guddi says there was just Kailash and Vividha in the room, you mean Kailash killed Ravish in this state when he was unconscious.

Vividha asks Atharv why did you stop me, I would have confronted him. Atharv says we have seen him acting, he would do something and get saved, we have to wait for right time, he thinks you feel Khushi killed Ravish, we should find clue that Kailash killed Ravish. She says what did he do, he has dragged my innocent children in this, you feel she has seen Kailash killing Ravish. Atharv says yes, she was in room. She says she would be so scared. He says just she can prove Kailash killed Ravish. She says we should not involve her.

He says she wants to tell us about real killer. She says you are saying she is only witness, it means her life is in risk, I don’t want to lose her again, we can ask Kangana what happened, I m sure she will help us. He says no, she is disturbed. She says we have to find the mistake done by Kailash, I feel ashamed to call him Papa, he did so wrong with me, is a father like this. She cries. He says I can understand, he is your dad, our fight is more tough. She says we lost Ravish, I can’t bear anything else. He says we will write our fate by our courage, till you are with me, I will not lose, we will win together.

Kailash says don’t know how Atharv’s fate worked. Everyone find Kangana. Kangana is with Kailash. Atharv doubts Kailash.

Update Credit to: Amena


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