Anika thinks its my last day in Shivaye’s life. Shivaye fills sindoor in her maang. O jaana….plays…. Some time before, Anika says Pinky aunty….she loves you a lot. He says I know. She says I want to tell you a secret. He asks what. She says if I say, much things will spoil. He asks what secret, come on tell me. She holds his hand and falls on him. She sleeps. He says what did she want to say, what’s this secret.

Its morning, Anika wakes up and holds her head. She says don’t know why people drink so much. Shivaye tells someone to do as he said. He sees Anika. She recalls last night and thinks Shivaye looks angry, did I say truth in drunken state. He goes. She says he did not even smile, I m sure something happened, I wanted Shivaye to hate me and have much anger, its my last

day in this house and his life, I just have some moments, if he does not talk to me then….

Pinky sees Anika and Shivaye’s separated photo. She says I loved Kamini’s son more than my life, I did not do this to see him getting Anika, I can’t bear anyone taking my place in my son’s life, that day has come when Anika’s chapter will close in Oberoi mansion. She steps on Anika’s pic. Priyanka comes and says Shivaye is calling you for family meeting. Dadi asks how will we manage this so soon. Shivaye asks them to just this. Shakti asks what’s the need to do this. Shivaye says things are related to person’s emotions, if it has bitter memories, it has burden on heart, I m trying to lighten it. Pinky says its time waste. Shivaye says its very imp for me. Jhanvi says then its equally imp for us, don’t worry we are with you. She asks Pinky to think of Shivaye’s happiness. He says I will call Omru. Anika says I have to talk to Shivaye and ask why is he not talking to me.

Shivaye asks Omru to come home. He turns and sees Anika. He goes. Pinky says don’t know when will this girl go, I will surprise her before he surprises her. Anika comes there. Pinky says you are still here, what’s your intention, did you change plan, I will go to Shivaye and…. Anika says I will go from here forever. Pinky says you have to do something that Shivaye kicks you out of here, so that none regrets your leaving. Anika says it will happen such. Pinky thinks to do something to end their relation. She calls someone to Oberoi mansion for the big surprise.

Shivaye asks did everything come, decorations should be such as I said, go and prepare, tell caterers that Aloo puri should be perfect. Dadi smiles and asks where did my Billu go. He says I m here. She says this is Anika’s bagad billa, who is doing all this to please her. He says I have hurt her a lot, so I m trying to make it up. She says you have become true Ishqbaaz. She does shayari. Shivaye smiles. She says when you have become Ishqbaaz, tell her, Anika knows everything, your eyes speak everything, but sometimes words are needed to express, go and tell her, don’t be shy. Shivaye says let me go, I have much work. He says love you and goes.

Anika asks Omru do they remember their promise, fine, its matter of some time. Jhanvi comes and asks how can you do this Anika. Anika asks you…. Jhanvi says such a big sacrifice, why, Omru told me everything, you are doing wrong, you can’t break this marriage, you and Shivaye are made for each other, come with me, we will tell everything to Shivaye, I will handle it. Anika says no, everything will shatter. Jhanvi says truth can’t hide. Anika says its better to hide it as Shivaye can’t face it, please. Jhanvi says you are doing wrong. Anika says Pinky is Shivaye’s mum, my few month’s togetherness is nothing in front of mum’s love, please help me. Jhanvi says we will do what you said, we all are with you. She hugs Anika.

Jhanvi gives a packet to Pinky for Anika. Pinky says no need, its time to take everything back from her. Jhanvi says you can’t get a better bahu than Anika. Pinky says if you accepted cheap bahu, it does not mean everyone will do that. Jhanvi says person should be valued, not priced, you are doing wrong, you will realize it. Pinky says you better keep sympathy for your bahu. Jhanvi says good bahu is got by good fate, one who has crying in fate does not value goodness. Pinky gets angry. Jhanvi goes.

Priyanka says its late, I will leave now, take care. Ranveer says I got something for you. He shows the anklet. She asks did you get this for me. He says yes and makes her wear it. He says I heard husband gives a gift to wife after marriage, as of now, I can just afford this, I know silver does not have shine like gold. She says and gold does not sound like silver, this is the best gift ever, thanks. He hugs her.

Anika says when time is less, it runs faster, just some time more, then I will be gone from here forever, its not time to cry, its time to do what I thought. She takes her mangalsutra and recalls Shivaye and Pinky’s words. Mangalsuta falls from her hand. Shivaye holds it. Shivaye makes her wear mangalsutra. He takes sindoor and fills it in her maang. O jaana….plays….

Anika says one should look at himself before pointing at others, you had problem with my name, blood and family, when your brother Omkara is illegitimate, your Daima video… Shivaye shouts no, you all want a story right, I have a breaking news, Shivaye Singh Oberoi broke his marriage, print this, I have nothing to do with this woman.

Update Credit to: Amena


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