The Episode starts with Naira and Naksh acting and teasing Gayu. Naksh asks Gayu to see her son, he is one in a million. Gayu asks Naira is this part of her performance. Naira says no, this can become part of your life. Gayu asks what. Naira sings sun sun didi tere liye…… Naira and Naksh dance. Gayu gets sad. They stop dancing.

Naira asks Gayu to take her time and think well, her happiness matters the most. Bhabhimaa says we can’t refuse to Dadi. Naitik says we can refuse, we can’t agree if Dadi got the proposal, we will know Gayu’s opinion. Dadi asks Surekha and Suwarna to manage arrangements. They see Manish, Kartik and Akhilesh coming home. Dadi asks how was the meeting. Akhilesh says it did not go well. Manish says Aditya is trying his best to get loss for

us. Akhilesh says he is not signing divorce papers, he is troubling us personally and in business, don’t know how a person can….

They see Naira and Kirti. Kirti gets sad and goes. Naira says we can talk to Aditya’s family for divorce, what about merger problem, we have to find some way. Kartik goes. Naira goes to her. She asks him what’s the matter. He says I m not able to help my family, they trusted me a lot, I was confident that everything is going on well, everything changed in one meeting, I could not do anything for Kirti and business. Manish says there is less time, final meeting is tomorrow. Dadi asks how can this happen when Kartik is with you. Manish says he is not with us, I have lost hope.

Naira breaks pencil and says shall I throw this, we can do something else. She sharpens the pencils pieces and says we should not leave trying, whatever the result. Kartik says I tried Naira, what happened and why, maybe I was thinking I m superhuman, nothing happened.

Naira says no, maybe we forgot one thing, an experienced man’s guidance, when someone holds hand, a baby learns walking soon, we want someone too.

Suwarna gives medicines to Manish. Kartik comes there. He says sorry. Manish gets surprised. Kartik says our business is wrongly affected by our personal issues, I m sorry, I have realized old experience is needed with new things, we have a chance to save the situation, because we both love our family, we should just think of them, not ours, I hope you agree with that, I can’t miss the chance without fighting, Kirti and our business deserve a second chance, we must try, we all will be hurt if Kirti is hurt, so I request you to lead this team. Manish gets glad. Kartik says I will support you so that we can achieve our goal together. Everyone smile.

Manish forwards hand. Kartik shakes hands. Manish smiles. He says you said right, try and try till you succeed. Akhilesh says we have much work, sit. Naira smiles. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask Gayu what happened, don’t worry, it will happen as you want, we are not in hurry. Baisa asks how long can we wait, I m in hurry. Gayu says I don’t understand. Baisa says why, you have to marry, are you still stuck in old thing.

Manish, Kartik and Akhilesh share their ideas. Dadi and everyone smile seeing Kartik and Manish. Manish and Suwarna smile. Naira says destination maybe far, but journey started. Naira falls asleep. Kartik comes and smiles seeing her. He makes her sleep well and says sorry Naira, I knew you would be waiting, I was preparing for next meeting, you were right, Manish’s experience was needed, thanks for explaining this to me. He reads Kiran’s message. He reads Babes… Is this time to message anyone, is there no other way to talk. He puts phone on silence and hugs Naira. He sleeps.

Its morning, Naira comes to Singhania house and says sorry I got late. She asks Naksh about Gayu. He says she did not answer. She asks him to check costumes, Kirti is getting that. He asks her to focus on rehearsals. She gets ready. He asks did you not sleep well, what happened. She says I m okay, everything will be fine. Kiran says its wrong, you came late, when will we do rehearsals. She says sorry, I did not see your messages, you messages so late. He says sorry, I was much excited. She waits for Kartik’s message and thinks what happened in meeting.

Aditya smiles seeing Kartik. Kartik explains his idea. Aditya gets worried. The man says we feel its not Manish’s mistake, its Aditya’s mistake, Aditya has to withdraw on Goenkas’ term and conditions. Kartik happily hugs Akhilesh and then Manish. Manish and Akhilesh get surprised. Manish smiles. Aditya stares angrily and goes. Kartik stops him. He asks him to sign divorce papers soon else we will do worse there. Aditya leaves. Kirti prays for Manish and Kartik. She says what would be going on in meeting, I hope everything gets fine. Manish comes with pastries. He says yes, we have won. Everyone gets glad.Manish feeds the pastry to Kirti. She hugs him. Suwarna says this victory is of Naira’s thinking. Naira answers Kartik’s call. She bends to pick phone. Kiran asks her to rehearse, what’s wrong with you. Naira says sorry. Kartik hears them.

Kartik beats up Kiran. Naira asks him to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena


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