Scene 1
Mahek makes Shaurya climb tree to get leaves for Karona’s remedy. Shaurya tries to collect them but he falls down and dislocates his arm, he screams in pain. Vicky is there too, Mahek laughs, Shaurya says Vicky ask her to focus on her work only, my mother’s health is not a joke. Mahek says she is my mother too, if I have been given responsibility then people have to trust me, Shaurya says there should be reason to trust, Vicky ask them to talk to each other instead of him, he leaves. Mahek tries to help shaurya but he jerks her away, Shaurya tries to get up but cant, Mahek comes to him and pulls him to feet, she supports him and take him inside.

Mahek comes to Karona’s room and starts taking care of her. Mahek calls home,PD takes call and asks how is Karona? Mahek says

I am trying but there is nothing much better, PD says I pray for her everyday, Mahek says your prayers are needed, thank you, she ends call and leaves Karona’s room. Svetlana and Grandma comes in room and mixes poisonous chemical in Mahek’s remedy, Grandma says this medicine will make Karona’s health more ill, they hear Shaurya coming and leave chemical’s remaining packet there.

Mahek is working in kitchen, she tells advantages of oil to Dolly. Dolly is impressed.

Shaurya comes to Karona and says you take side of that idiot right? see what she have done to me, I fell from tree and my shoulder is dislocated. Shaurya hears some noise and goes in lounge.
Shaurya comes in lounge and asks Mahek why there are so many kids now? they all scream, Shaurya asks what is their relation with my mother’s health? Mahek says they are related, Vicky says they are poor kids, Mahek has brought them to make them eat food. Shaurya says stop this drama Mahek, dont know from which footpath you brought them and what allergies they have. Dolly says now I know why Mahek was cooking, she wants to make poor kids eat and this biggest pious work, these kids will pray for Karona. Shaurya gets silent. Mahek comes in mandir, she does aarti and goes to kids. Shaurya is embarrassed and leaves. Mahek serves kids. Shaurya comes in mandir and prays.

Shaurya calls his staff and says I am staying at home, dont call me much, he ends call. Mahek comes in Karona’s room, Shaurya says if you have time from your ventures then take care of Maa. Mahek says I know my work, give me space. Shaurya moves away from Karona. Mahek is about to apply remedy to Karona but she hears Shaurya wincing due to shoulder, she leaves. Svetlana and Grandma are spying Karona’s room. Mahek comes back to room with towel and turmeric milk, she asks Shaurya to take it, Shaurya says you have come here to take care of my Maa so just do that, I dont need it, Mahek puts it on table. Mahek comes there and applies remedy on Karona’s feet without knowing that its mixed with other things, Svetlana and Grandma smirks. Shaurya sits down and massages his shoulder with towel, he grunts in pain. Mahek tries to ignore but cant, she comes to Shaurya ant snatches towel from him. She tries to remove his hand but he stops her. Mahek puts her hand around him and massages his back with hot towel, main phir tumko chaahungi plays, Shaurya looks up and gazes at her, she looks away. Karona’s heartbeat starts dropping, monitor beeps, Shaurya rushes to her side, Mahek cries.

Doctor checks Karona. Doctor says to Shaurya its good you called me on time, seems like she had infection from that herbal remedy, Shaurya fumes in anger. Doctor checks remedy and says seems like there is wild leaves in remedy that reacted badly on Karona’s skin, he leaves. Shaurya shouts on Mahek that my mother’s health is not joke, I told you to not experiment her, what was the need to put stale leaves in remedy? Svetlana says you trust this girl everytime, Mahek wants to kill her. Dolly says Mahek if you didnt know about her herbal medicine then you could have asked Grandma, Vicky says but Mahek.. Shaurya says shut up, dont take her side, Mahek says but..Shaurya says just get lost from my house. Dolly takes Mahek away. Shaurya asks everyone to leave. Svetlana says take care of Karona, she leaves. Shaurya says sorry Maa I did mistake, I shouldnt have let that girl come close to you.

Mahek cries in mandir at Shaurya’s house and says I try so much everytime but everytime I lose, make everything God. She weeps. Shaurya comes there, he grabs her hand and drags her from there. He says I have heard enough from you, I cant bear you here anymore, he drags her to his room. Svetlana sees it and says to Grandma that seem like Shaurya is going to pack her bag and send her to her old house.

PRECAP- Shaurya grabs Mahek, he strangles her and says if anything happens to any family member here then I will kill you, I swear I am going to kill you, I wont spare, Mahek gasps for air, Vicky moves Shaurya away from attacking Mahek.
Grandma says to Svetlana that we finally made Mahek get lost from this house.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba


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