The episode begins with dadi telling Nandini that Chandra has gone to forest and somebody has attacked him and he is severely injured even doctors are saying that there is no medicines for his injuries so Nandini in hurry hands over bindusal to Malti and then she leaves to help Chandra after she leaves dadi and mora starts laughing thinking their plan is a success. Nandini moves to riverside and sits in a boat where Chandra is disguised as a boatman and then he rows a boat in the Middle of a river and then when he stops rowing and he starts moving towards Nandini when she removes sword Chandra immediately removes the cloth from his face and when Nandini sees him and she gets angry while they are fighting in boat they fall in water and due to this the boat starts moving and they reach a land and start

a fire to get themselves dry meanwhile Chandra asks her to teach him the lessons from a book she says yes but the next day she would start teaching him.
The next day morning when all were sitting in family room Helena comes there and asks Chandra where was he last night he says that he was in garden as he wasn’t able to sleep then Nandini comes there and she starts sneezing and simaltaneously Chandra also starts sneezing then Malti asks them that they are sneezing were they together last night then Chandra refuses while dadi orders Helena to tell dasis to bring hot water then Helena leaves from there. Dadi goes and sits beside Nandini and tells her that she had not to agree what Chandra tells to do but she tells that dadi was thinking wrong and there has nothing happened between Chandra and him.
Helena in her room is getting angry on all dasis for not doing their work rightly and says that she is going to appoint someone in place of her and when she arrives she fumbles and falls down and all the dasis starts laughing. Helena orders them to leave and then immediately the trunk starts vibrating then thoi the new servent gets afraid when Helena opens the trunk appaama gets out of the trunk and thoi tells that she almost recognised appaama Helena tells her to become detective and tell her everything about Chandra Nandini and to leave from there meanwhile Chandra comes there then appamma immediately puts on the shawl and starts moving but she drops a bangle and Chandra stops her and gives her an angle but Helena stops her and tells that she gifted it to her and then appamma leaves from there Chandra gives a letter and to Helena saying that it was her fathers letter.
Chandra goes to his room where Nandini and bindusal are playing when he enters the room he immediately close the doors Nandini says to open the door Chandra says that you have to teach him that lesson from the book while outside the room thoi climbs up the small drawers to see what was going on inside the room where Nandini tells him that she was his teacher and Chandra should open the door and by the time thoi falls down hearing that Nandini tells to Chandra that he has kept a detective for them both too.
Chandra goes out and sees thoi on the floor and asks her what she was doing there then she answers in stammering voice that she fell down. Chandra says that with so difficulty he got some time to spend with her and now thoi had all ruined it all.

Helena telling Chandra that let Nandini go to ashram and leave her life peacefully with the people over there. The same night Helena goes in Chandras room and tells him that in the morning when she told about that ashram because Nandini told me that she loves men who look like monkey

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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