Gauri sees Buamaa. A vase falls. Gauri hides. She worries if Buamaa sees her, she will know I m keeping an eye on her. Some time before, the goon goes to stab Rudra. Rudra holds the knife and turns to him. Buamaa thinks its good timing. Amuk says we got to know Om is making his wife leave home, so we came to see. Gauri asks who is that mad guy spreading rumors about us. Amuk says we have seen Om dragging you out. Gauri says no, I felt he is taking me to give surprise. She says Om got a gift for me, he was taking me to show the car, you see the mandap, we got married hurriedly, so Buamaa got us married by all rituals again, just married…. Amuk says you should have been a writer, you write good stories. He advises Om to keep up love than showing it. Amuk and Kranti leave. Buamaa asks Om does

he want to make Gauri leave. Om goes.

Rudra beats the goons and asks about Sultan. Another goon shoots the first one. Rudra sees the shooter. Bhavya stops Rudra from going after him. She sees his hand hurt and asks what did you do, come with me, you got hurt. Buamaa asks how did you know. Amuk says you called. Buamaa says I did not call, I did not know Om is making her out of house. Amuk asks who called them. Gauri recalls calling Amuk. Buamaa says maybe some neighbor. She pays money and says keep coming so that Om stays afraid, go that way now. They leave. Buamaa sees Gauri. She says I was telling them not to trouble my children, Om loses temper sometimes, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She goes. Gauri thinks I know everything will be fine, but I want to know what’s your profit.

Bhavya does aid to Rudra’s hand. He says its burning. She says you defused bomb and is scared of antiseptic. He says you did not need my help, I also don’t need your help, I will apply it myself. She sees him and smiles.

Gauri comes to Om. He says sorry, you got to know about Durandhar, you wanted to tell me, but I did not let you say. She says till he shuts case, I will stay here. She thinks to find out what Buamaa wants. Bhavya asks why did you risk your life to save me. Om says I scold you, even then you help me, you could have left today, but you came to help me, why.

Rudra says because this is our problem, I will always support you. Gauri says when I was in trouble, you did not leave me, then how can I leave you. She sees Buamaa and says that too when I can see the problem, I will not leave supporting you. Saathiya….plays…..

Its morning, Gauri thanks Lord and prays to know Buamaa’s plan. She hears a sound and goes to see. Buama pushes the trunk. Gauri sees her and says Buamaa can call servant to take the box, it means Buamaa is hiding it, what’s in that box. A vase falls. Gauri hides. Buamaa says how did this fall, is someone following me. She worries if Buamaa sees her, she will know I m keeping an eye on her.

Om calls out Buamaa and asks what happened. Buamaa says I took a date from pandit for your pheras. Gauri thinks why does Buamaa want our pheras to happen, she wants to punish Om and then settle his family. Om says as you find right and goes. Buamaa looks around and keeps vase. She says before anyone sees box, I will hde it. She takes the box.

Gauri goes after her. Buamaa sees her and asks are you following me. Gauri says yes, I mean I saw you taking big box and thought to help you. Buamaa thinks so she came to help me. She says its fine, I will manage. Gauri says you could have told any servant. Buamaa says they are lazy. Gauri says I will help, where is that box. Buamaa says its fine, serve us life long, focus on your husband right now. Gauri asks why, what happened. Buamaa says if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen, you are getting shy, its a wife’s duty to love her husband, I m talking like a friend, there is a famous saying way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, cook food for him, make him happy. Gauri says I have some work and goes.

Buamaa thinks is Gauri keeping an eye on me, does she know about my plan, I don’t care, I just have to execute my plan. Om makes a sculpture. Gauri gets juice. Om thanks her. She says I have to talk to you, its about Buamaa, you know I… He asks don’t you have any other topic, relations are sensitive like sand house, its kept safe, not broken, I can’t explain you my and Buamaa’s relation so please. She says I understand, I feel she has something in her mind. He asks what’s your problem. She says I want to help. He says I don’t want your help in my family matters, don’t find excuses to come close to me. She says I m not finding excuses to come close to you, I wanted to talk. She says thanks for the juice, now please leave. She goes. He says don’t know what relation I have with her, the more I try to go away, fate gets me close to her. She says I m not interested to go close to him, I just wanted to tell about Buamaa, he is strange, doesn’t listen to me. She hears the sound again.

Om romances with Gauri. Saathiya….plays…. She pushes him away.

Update Credit to: Amena


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