Rudra aims gun at Bhavya and says the one who saved you yesterday was not Rudra, but Sultan, I have worn Rudra’s mask. She gets shocked. Buamaa sings Om will go, Ratan will come. Some time before, Bhavya likes the place and asks why is no one here. Rudra says I wanted to spend some time with you. She asks why did we come here in this lonely place, Sultan’s goon are after us. He says they can’t come here, come, wait I will just come. He asks her to take medicines, mosquitoes will not bite by it. He says we will have it together. They eat it. He asks her to come and throws the pill.

Bhavya gets dizzy. Rudra says its the effect of the medicine. She says but that medicine is to get saved from mosquito. He says its to make you faint. She asks why do you want to make me faint. He says I want

to take revenge from you, I m Sultan, not Rudra.

Gauri hears the sound and says what’s this sound. Buamaa digs the ground and sings. Om will go, then Ratan will come. Bhavya asks Rudra what’s this joke, why did you get me here. He says I told you, maybe you did not understand. Rudra aims gun at Bhavya. She asks why did you get this gun. He says to shoot you, the one who saved you yesterday was not Rudra, but Sultan, I have worn Rudra’s mask, I will remove and show if you don’t believe. She gets shocked. He stops and says everyone heard Sultan’s name and does not know how he looks, why shall I show face, be ready to die, none can save you now.

Gauri says from where is she sound coming. She sees Buamaa in lawn and says what is she doing here. Rudra shoots water from the toy gun and smiles. His friends come. His friend says it was a prank, you really got scared. Rudra says see I m a great actor. Bhavya asks did you get me here to show acting skills. He says no, these are my friends, they could not come in my marriage so kept small party. She says you know we are just acting, what was the need to keep party. He asks would I tell them that marriage is a drama, its a matter of one night. She asks what, will this party go on all night. Rudra says my wife got annoyed, she did not get clothes.

The girl says I have extra dress, she can wear this. Rudra introduces his friends and jokes. He says this is my enemy Raghav. Raghav holds her hand to kiss. Rudra stops him and says she is your Bhabhi. He says I have two Bhabhis, this word has much Mamta, you all will call Bhavya as Bhabhi, you know we had competition, we used to like same girl. Raghav says I think I know her, is she from Delhi. Rudra says she is from Meerut. Raghav says strange, I still feel I have seen her in some uniform. Rudra asks him to think, till then they will have food. They go.
Gauri sees Buamaa and thinks she is taking Om’s name, why is she digging a pit. Buamaa gets some herb and says I knew this will be of use, so I have planted this, this will work on Om, my Ratan will come back. Gauri thinks what does she mean.

Raghav says I got sure you are not a party animal. Bhavya says yes, we don’t have such parties. Raghav asks did you go to Dehradun police academy, my brother was there, maybe I have seen you here. She asks how would I be there. Rudra says its not possible, maybe you are drunk. Raghav says I will recall where I have seen her, are you jealous, come Bhavya we will aim. Bhavya says I don’t know playing. He says I will teach you. She steps on his foot and says sorry. Rudra asks him to rest. Raghav goes. Rudra says I will teach you aiming target at dart board. She asks Bhavya to try, none knows this here except me. Rudra’s friend asks when did you learn. Rudra says I have this talent since childhood, I can close eyes and hit. He hits dart at far point. They all laugh. He says I can teach Bhavya. Mere dil ko ye kya hogaya….plays… Bhavya looks at him. He holds her.

Buamaa says the more this herb is grinded, the more it affects. She grinds it on the stone. Gauri thinks what effect, what will Buamaa do of this herb. She says Buamaa will make Om drink that herb juice, its poisonous, that’s why she said so, how to tell this to Om, he does not want to hear against Buamaa. She recalls Buamaa’s words about Savitri’s story.

Gauri says I have seen Buamaa adding something poisonous in this. Om says I will drink this juice now. He drinks and falls down. She shouts. A shooter aims at Bhavya.

Update Credit to: Amena


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