Maya tells Samay that Arjun is a person who loved her and not her power, fear, or weakness. Samay says Arjun will forget everything, he will take her far away where nobody can come. Maya says she will not come. Samay says he more she resist, more he will harm her baby. Maya pleads she wants to speak to Arjun once. Samay after lengthy dialogues permits her and says then she will go with him forever.

Arjun calls inspector and says he does not know anything, he wants to find Samay and punish him. Vandana asks why is he still worried about Maya, let Samay take her. Arjun shouts how can he let his wife and child with a criminal. He gets Maya’s cal. Maya says she will always love him and will protect their bandar/child. She will never disappoint him and will protect their bandar. She is present

near deep sea where he had proposed her. Arjun thinks of clue. Saanjh says she means where he proposed under deep water, Mauritius. Arjun repeats next clue. They both realize some mill near sea. They both rush in car.

Suman cries where there is no god, how will their children be safe. Vandana brings Ganesh idol and says they will reestablish god. She, Suman and Jahnvi establish idol in home temple. Suman prays that 3 mothers’ blessings are with their children and no evil can harm their children. Jahnvi presses beep.

Samay continues dragging Maya. Arjun enters in car breaking door. Samay slaps her shouting she called Arjun via phone call, drags her into mill and hides. Saanjh and Arjun start searching Maya and call her and Samay. Samay holds Maya and says he will not let her go and shuts her mouth. Maya pushes things around. Arjun and Saanh rush towards them. Samay drgs her again. Maya shouts Arjun… Samay drags Maya near window to fall down. Arjun pleads Samay to spare Maya. Samay says if he cannot live with Maya, he will die with her. Saanjh says in love, one sacrifice their life and not take it. Maya sees rusted iron knife and a big anchor hanging and signals Arjun. Arjun says Samay he can take Maya but spare his child. Samay shouts he told maya this dog Arjun does not love her. Maya picks iron knife and cuts rope. Anchor swings. Arjun pulls Saanjh aside and rescues her. Anchor pierces Samay. Samay throwing blood from his mouth looks at Maya and alls down into water. Arjun, Maya and Saanjh see him falling into deep water and blood forming on him.

Maya hugs Arjun and says she knew he would come back to her by forgiving her any mistake. Arjun pushes her and says he came for their child and not for her. He thought his Maya will never break his trust, but she did. She says no no..our child. Arjun says everything is finished now and pushes her aside, walks holding Saanjh’s hand. She runs behind him shouting Arjun repeatedly..and cries. She then walks to window end and extends her leg to fall into sea.

Precap: Maya with baby bump decorates her room with toys and asks her unborn baby if papa will like it. Arjun says papa likes everything that mamma likes Vandana with Ayan looks at them and happily says motherhood changes everyone. Ayan says Maya will never change.

Update Credit to: MA


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