Clovie wakes Helina midnight and scares her,Helina asks what is it,clovie says Nandini isn’t staying here for bindusara but a man, ugly man and describes the whole scene,Helina says good news,I was worried without any reason,anyways if Nandini is staying for some other man it’s good she will stay away from me and Chandra and clovie don’t stop that man from meeting Nandini let their love rise and you will find who the man is and spy whole night now leave,Helina says I have to tell ma about it.

Helina meets Chandra next morning and says I have important question,can a queen remarry,Chandra asks why this weird question,Helina says just answer me,Chandra if she is married she can’t remarry,Helina says if king has left her and king can change rules too,Chandra says what

you want to remarry,Helina says no no actually,don’t get angry and don’t talk to Nandini about this,there’s some man who meets Nandini at night,Chandra thinks so helinas dasi is spying on me,Helina says I was so worried about Nandini I asked Clovie to look after Nandini but she told me Nandini spent night with A man and meets her secretly.and the man was very ugly,Chandra thinks good she doesn’t know it’s me,Helina says look you are so handsome but Nandini may be since you left her she found support in that man and so I want you to think about Nandini,Chandra says right,Helina says so you will think on it right.

Chandra says Helina you are so correct,we too don’t love each other and if she has fallen in love with someone,let’s try this but we need proofs,like if Nandini does love that man or not,and then I shall order them to marry,so let’s find that man together or ask your dasi to find that man and then we will interrogate Nandini and that man and organise their wedding.helina hugs him and says so good.

Padmanand is informed that Magad is under lot of security and now we are short of necessity,Maliketu says Chandra even doesn’t leave mahal how will we attack,Amartya says it’s Poornima and Chandragupta will be out of mahal for inspection ,we will use this opportunity,padmanand says I know I have sent informers in Magad and tonight we will kill Chandragupta.

Nandini playing with bindusara and says let’s pick some fruits,Chandra dressed as guard waLks to them,bindusara disturbs Nandini and says you are so like your father never allows me to do something,Chandra says why shouldn’t he act like his father,Nandini looks at Chandra and starts laughing and says what are you doing like this,Chandra says I thought of protecting you so I’m here as guard,Nandini says are you here to make fun of me first disguised now guard,Chandra says I’m here for bindusara,Nandini says ok take him,bindusara troubles Chandra,Chandra asks what wrong with him,Nandini says he didn’t recognise you.

Clovie informs Helina that Nandini is meeting a guard he is the same man,Helina and Clovie goes to check . Nandinis dupatta get stick in Chandras gaurd,Helina and Clovie sees them from balcony and gets shocked unaware that the guard is Chandra.

Chandra and Nandini very close to each other ,Clovie says look queen,Helina says right Clovie keep an eye on this man,I can’t recognise him now but we will find him,Chandra sees Helina seeing and thinks I hope she didn’t see me and hands bindusara and leaves,Helina says Clovie go chaise him,Clovie follows Chandra but he confuses her,he joins the troop of soldiers and covers his face,Clovie stops the troop and says I will find the man and questions everyone you were with Nandini, but all deny ,Clovie sees Chandra and says remove your cover and Chandra removes his cover and acts like a monkey and says I wasn’t and leaves,Clovie says he is not the one Nandini will will fall for.

Nandini says dasi look after bindusara I will go take shower,Helina walks in sying my lovable sister come let’s talk, my sister how good you didn’t leave I’m so happy,were you in garden,Nandini says yes I was with bindusara ,Helians as how is he do you like him,Nandini thinks Helina is talking about bindusara and says I don’t just like him but love him,Helina says good,see I’m like your sister and you can share this with me,Nandini says now I can’t talk I have to shower I will see you later and leaves,Helina thinks she ignored me and this means sure there is a man and now just let me find that man.

Chandra in his room thinks why am I meeting Nandini like this,does she like it,if she doesn’t we will be far again,how will I convince her again,who will help me,Madhav and friends walk in,Chandra asks why are you here,he says Bhaiya we have to leave for Magad inspection,Chandra says I do remember,Chandra hears,a friend thanking madhav for his love advise,Chandra thinks now Madhav will help me.

Pre cap : Apma says maharaj Chandragupta here is the information of padmanand shelter.
Chandra says Nandini I’m here to take you it’s time for your fathers funeral,Nandini in tears.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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