Gauri stops Buamaa and throws glass in air. Om catches it. Bhavya asks Rudra why are you doing this, you always come close, this marriage is a lie, please go. Rudra shouts I have no interest to come close to you. Some time before, everyone clap for Rudra seeing the dart hitting bull’s eye. Rudra says how did this happen. Rudra and Bhavya see each other. He holds her hand and kisses. She imagines this. She asks him to stay away and goes. He says when did I come close, why will she lie, maybe I did some mistake.

Gauri comes to Om and recalls Buamaa’s words. She says I will fight with yamraj to save Om. She wears her shades and sits there. Rudra’s friends ask him to sing something. Rudra sees Bhavya and does shayari. Bhavya smiles. Rudra sings Tune mujhe pehchana nahi…….He dances

with Bhavya. Bhavya says something has hurt me. Rudra holds her foot and removes the thorn. The girl says so cute, he was big casanova, today he is sitting like a Majnu. Bhavya goes.

She sees her mum’s ring and cries. She says you know when I have ring in hand, I m worried, I have no one to share my heart, I felt something for Rudra today but I want to punish Sultan, when Rudra is around me, I get distracted from my motive, this is wrong, help me. Rudra holds her and asks are you fine, why are you crying. Bhavya asks Rudra why are you doing this, you always come close, this marriage is a lie, why do you come close by any excuse, this is not normal for me, my life has a motive, I don’t want to get distracted, please go.

Rudra shouts I have no interest to come close to you, one more thing, I have nothing in my heart and mind, maybe you have something in your mind, so you are thinking all this, I m a flirt. I have sung this to show my friends, I have happy go lucky attitude and no sad backstory, it does not mean my life is pointless or aimless, I just came here to take you to room, I don’t want to stay here alone. She says I can take care of myself, please leave. He says you know this, not Sultan’s men, knowing the fact that our life is in danger, I will not leave you alone. She asks why do I need to tell you same thing, why are you stubborn, leave me alone for some time, go. He says fine and leaves.

Its morning, Gauri wakes up and sees Om sleeping. Om wakes up. She worriedly hides. He goes. She thinks I can’t leave Om alone, Buamaa can play her trick. Sultan’s man tells him that the locket is missing, Abu/prisoner had locket when he was running, maybe Rudra has it, if anyone gets that chip, it will be worse, our sharp shooter is best to do this work. Rudra says whose locket is this, how did this come in my pant, maybe its mine. He wears locket and goes. Buamaa takes juice glass from servant and sends him. Gauri looks on. Buamaa adds something in the juice.

She says just Om drinks the juice….. Gauri says Buamaa wants to feed poisonous herb juice to Om, I won’t let this happen. Gauri takes oil. She eats candy. She slides on the oil to reach Buamaa and throws the glass in air. Om catches the glass. Gauri says I slipped, oil was fallen. Buamaa says its good, you did not get hurt, Om came and saved the juice, I made it specially for Om. Om thanks her and goes. Buamaa says our work is done Ratan. Gauri thinks I will not let Om drink the juice. She runs and sees Om’s door locked. She knocks door. Om hears music and makes a sculpture. She sees Om through keyhole. She sees Om taking glass in hand. She shouts to him.

He keeps it back. She says I have to do something. She goes out and keeps a ladder to climb into Om’s room. She knocks window. Om sees her and stops. She says don’t drink juice, Buamaa has added something in it. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was trying to come in, you did not open door. He asks could you not wait. She says don’t drink the juice. He says why are you after Buamaa. She says she added something. He says it would be sugar. She says no, its poison. He says you mean Buamaa wants to kill me. She says I will get another juice. He says now I will drink just this one. He drinks and says I m fit and fine, now get…. He falls down. She shouts Omkara ji.

Om and Gauri dance. Saathiya….plays…. A shooter aims and shoots at Rudra and Bhavya.

Update Credit to: Amena


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