Shivaye makes Anika leave the house. Shivaye and Anika cry. Some time before, Shivaye says from today, your and my relation ends forever. They all get shocked. He says for some time, I felt name, blood and family do not matter, I was almost going to say that I was wrong, thanks for making me realize that old Shivaye was right, for whom everything is a deal, love, marriage, relation, everything, I was wrong, he was right, I was sleeping and started dreaming, you woke me up, thanks Anika. He steps back.

He says you all want a story, I have a breaking news, record this and print, Shivaye Singh Oberoi broke his marriage, he has nothing to do with this woman. Pinky asks her to get out, will you go when Shivaye kicks you out. Anika says I won’t go. Pinky says now I understand, this madam will want her

price, alimony. Shivaye shouts price, tell your price. Anika asks what price will you pay for my pain, I want my right, I m legally owner of half of your property, after I leave, your brothers will loot you. He shouts enough and holds her hand. He drags her out. Paas aaye……plays…. Anika and Shivaye cry. Their marriage is seen in reverse order. She recalls all their moments. He throws her out. She thinks of his words and cries. He shuts the door. They see each other and cry. He turns away and walks inside the house. His anger melts out as tears. He goes.

Anika walks on the road and recalls Pinky’s words. Shivaye comes to his room and sees himself in the mirror. He recalls Anika’s words. She stands in the middle of the road thinking of him. Shivaye gets angry and hits on the mirror. The glass pieces fly in air. He injures his hand. Anika’s reflection is seen in the glass pieces.

Anika comes home. Her friend holds her. Anika sends her and shuts door. Tu hi bata zindagi….plays…. Shivaye and Anika cry. Someone sees the breaking news of Shivaye’s announcement that his marriage broke by personal reasons. She says so Shivaye is single again, get ready Shivaye, you won’t be single for many days. She smiles.

Its morning, Dadi says Billu was thinking to take seven rounds with Anika, they got divorced. I can’t believe Anika went from here, I feel Anika will come and call me. Jhanvi says Anika and Shivaye were so happy, maybe someone’s bad sight caught their love. Pinky says she wanted this house division, I m glad we got rid of her, she was not suitable for Shivaye. Shakti says enough, she was Shivaye’s life, think what’s he is going through. Jhanvi says if you thought as Shivaye’s mum than Anika’s Saas, you would have understood her pain. Dadi says Billu never shows pain and loses courage, this time I have seen him breaking, he has locked himself in room and is not talking to anyone, he did not have food.

Shivaye comes talking about the deal. He fixes a meet. He greets morning to everyone. Dadi asks are you fine. Shivaye says on top of the world, dad will you come for meeting. Shakti says yes, but are you coming, I thought you will cancel all meetings. Shivaye says why, Jhanvi tell Omru I m making breakfast. He goes. Pinky says if he is not sorrowful, why should be mourn, we should be glad that Shivaye got rid of Anika. She asks Shakti to talk to her.

Shivaye gives the food to Omru and asks them why are they not having it. Om asks what are you doing. Shivaye says having coffee, have food, Mishra is not answering my call. Om takes his phone and asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I m absolutely normal. Rudra says this is the problem, Anika… Shivaye says we won’t discuss this. Om says but we have to talk. Shivaye says no Om, she is out of my life, she is my past and I don’t look back. He goes.

Anika’s friend asks Anika to stop crying. Anika says my tears are not stopping. Her friend asks her to see her state, she is just crying. Anika asks do you have problem with my stay here, I will leave. Her friend asks are you mad, get anger out on me, but you won’t go. Anika says I m angry on myself, I left my husband and broke relation, I can’t blame anyone, I m responsible for my tears, I don’t want to fall weak. Her friend consoles.

Sahil says I m waiting for Anika. Anika comes there. Sahil sees Shivaye and says I knew you will come to bid me bye. Shivaye says yes, this bag has everything you need fir your camp. Sahil says thanks, you are very good. Anika sees Shivaye with Sahil. Shivaye turns to see. She hides.

Update Credit to: Amena


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