Wokay!! The unthinkable has happened , Nope I am not talking about the darwazatod, power packed Ishqbaaz Promo that has got everyone quivering like the plucked strings of guitar. I am talking about the absolutely Gawwd-orgeous styling of Anika * Kya yeh Sach mein Shivani ne ki hai!!!!!*.. Wow, Wow – Surbhi looked absolutely stunning, the dress was sheathed to her figure unlike the previous version where we had to look closely to see where her body was lost in those voluminous curtain clothes. *M exaggerating ofc*

So, Shivaay the lover has gone away !! SSO has made a firm comeback with his signature hand flick!! Though It is SSO – A man who has no emotions, is a cold fish, is manipulative and vaghera vaghera… He seems to be ruled by the thoughts of ANIKA!! He is with another girl but his dil,dimag is entirely preoccupied with the thoughts and memories of Anika.

A new girl has entered Shivay’s life, Really!! Has She? I felt ke Shivaay would have even romanced a life size plastic doll just to get even at Anika, kyunki usko Anika ke siva kuch aur nahi dikhta!

Shivaay has not moved on, He is MOVING in towards Anika’s life. Love has turned to anger but phir bhi love love hota re baba!!

And look at Anika, Man. She has traded Chameli for high end foot wear * a min’s silence for missing Chameli puhleez* She has in every essence become the wife/partner of a rich tycoon..Instead of shouting, or non stop talking that she used to do, earlier – She just delivers one line that knocks the air out of Shivaay’s guts – “Yaad Rakhiye Mein bhi Anika Hoon” . The quick turn and the walking away and the smirk – Uff!! Teri Adda , I like Babezz!!

Like Kebab mein Haddi, we have one intense looking fella, who is giving the stinky stare at Anika!! But, Beta, Sambhalke…Agar Anika ko kuch bhi kiya, Shivaay tumhe kacha Chabba Jayega!!


Ab sirf ek khwayish hai: EXPOSE PINKY!!

I all set for the new, improved, Tashan Bhari Shivika Journey!!


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