The Episode starts with Naira saying food is ready, I will keep it on low flame so that food stays warm, I think everything for ready between Kiran and Kartik, I will go and see pandit. She goes. Dadi and Surekha come to see if food is ready. Dadi says flame is on, leave it Naira will see. Kids hear them and say Naira has put on low flame, we will increase the flame, food will cook early and Naira won’t get scolding by Dadi. Naksh calls Kirti and says sorry to call you, Naira would be busy, I wanted to ask about decorations, did your work end. She says almost, shall I help you. He says I was just confused. She says I always get confused, you asked me not to get nervous if we work honestly. He says yes, thanks for reminding.

Kartik sees Naira. Naira gets shocked seeing the high

flame and runs. She checks the food and sees everything burnt. Kartik asks her to leave it. She say everything burnt and cries recalling Dadi’s words. Brahmans come home. Dadi welcomes them. Kartik says don’t worry, we will think. The smoke alarm rings. Dadi asks Brahmans not to worry, its smoke alarm in kitchen, I will see. Kartik says why is this alarm not stopping. Dadi comes and says don’t try, I heard this.

She asks Naira what burnt. Kartik says all mistake is…. Dadi says don’t come in between to defend her, she was cooking food. They get shocked seeing food burnt. Dadi says I told you not to do this, you said you will complete mahabhoj, mahurat is short today, pandits will leave, what will you do, tell me.

Brahman tells Manish to ask Naira to serve food fast, mahurat is fast. Dadi says I felt glad seeing you and thought you are very sorted, but I think I was wrong. Kids say sorry, food got burnt because of us, not Naira, we thought if we put flame high, food will get ready fast. Surekha scolds them. Kids say sorry and hug Naira. Naira asks Surekha not to scold them, they were helping me. Dadi says crime will be crime even when we apologize. Naira says Dadi you trusted me, give me 20 mins more please. Dadi says fine, don’t expect anything next time if my trust breaks. Kartik thinks to manage pandits.

Kartik goes to pandits and says food is coming, I wanted to ask some questions, its troubling me, my heart will be restless. Akhilesh asks him to ask after lunch. Kartik says I was thinking to ask first. Pandit asks him to ask. Kartik apologizes to Lord and says till pandits answer me, Naira’s food will be ready. Manish observes Kartik. Naira starts cooking fresh.

Kartik asks why did this happen that we make honest efforts but some problem comes always. Suwarna asks Dadi shall I… Dadi says you think I will not help in this situation, but rule is such. Pandit says nature and Lord need time to see if the situation is good for you or not, one who tries always succeeds.

Kids ask shall we help. Naira says no. Kids asks why, Dadi says kids are Lord’s avatar, if Lord makes food for pandits, why are you stopping. Naira hugs them. Kids sing. She laughs. She tells them to help. Dadi, Suwarna and Surekha look on. Dadi goes. Naira asks them to give aarti prasad, till then she will get food. Pandit asks did you get all answers. Kartik says yes. Manish asks is there any delay in food. Dadi says yes. Suwarna says no, everything is ready. She signs Dadi. Dadi gets relieved.

Pandits like the prasad. Naira fries puris. She says I did not make sweets, time is less, I will make kheer. He takes kadai. Oil falls on her foot. She stuffs dupatta in her mouth and cries in pain. Manish asks where is food. Lav and Kush ask pandits to try what they made for them, its baked, healthy. Lav and Kush hold ears. Kartik signs.

Naira’s foot gets burnt. She cries. Pandits wait. Lav says its also over, what to do now. Pandit says tell bahu to serve food now, there is less time. Dadi worries and thinks to apologize to pandit. She says forgive our bahu Naira, actually…. She sees Naira getting the food. Dadi says she prepared such food for the first time, if anything goes wrong, I m sorry. Kartik smiles seeing her. Pandit asks Naira to serve them, mahurat is passing by. She gets hurt and hides her pain.

Kartik helps Naira and says I also have half right to earn good deeds. He serves pandits. Everyone smile. Naira prays and thinks if everyone know, they will not let me dance. Dadi says food is made on time, if pandits don’t like it, all hardwork will be waste, its sorrowful. Pandits take the food and asks did Naira make this. Dadi says yes, why. Pandit praises the food. They smile. Pandit asks who taught this to you. Naira says helplessness, when we did not had food in Rishikesh ashram, Negi used to make this and feed us. Pandit says its tasty, we got stomach relief, will we get more. She says sure. Suwarna asks Dadi will you say I take her side, she has something special in her. Dadi asks Naira to get sweets. Naira says I could not make sweets Kartik, time was less. Dadi asks what did you make. Naira says Dadi, I…. Pandit says sorry, we can’t have sweet, we are happy having Satvik food, just give jaggery to us. Naira says I will just get it. She runs to kitchen and thanks Lord. Pandit says we always praised Naira, she is lovely and sensible, she has good values. They all smile. Kartik comes to Naira and says everyone is praising you, you are crying here, stupid, celebrate your win and hug me. She hugs him. She says Dadi would have liked it right. He says if she is not happy with you, she can’t be happy with anyone.

Naira asks Dadi will you come in function today. Kartik says I apologized, I hope his mood got fine. Kartik calls Kiran. Kiran does not answer.

Update Credit to: Amena


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