Pinky says I will get a perfect girl for Shivaye, she will have name, blood and family. They see Shivaye getting a girl in arms and get shocked. Some time before, Anika disconnects the call and cries. She hugs the phone and thinks of Shivaye. He thinks of Anika and gets tearful eyes. O jaana….plays…. Chanda asks Anika are you going for interview. Anika says yes, see if I get job or fate fools me again. Chanda says don’t blaming fate, person makes fate himself. Anika says person spoils fate on own. She leaves.

Pinky says Anika left her bad luck here, I want to keep a puja. Jhanvi asks what nonsense, Shivaye and Anika were happy together, see his state after she left. Pinky says his life was in risk when she entered his life, we will keep the puja. Jhanvi says I just can’t believe

this, you are playing wiht Shivaye’s life for satisfying ego. Dadi asks them to stop arguing. Shivaye comes downstairs and says I m going office. Pinky says Doctor asked you to rest. Dadi asks him to have breakfast. He says I will have something in office. He leaves.

Anika waits for her turn. She gives some interviews. A lady asks Ragini, where are you, come in front. Ragini talks to her on video call. The lady asks what happened, how did you get hurt, are you smiling. Ragini says its just makeup mom, it looks real right, house interiors started, decorator said it will be ready in 3 months, I m leaving now.

Kamini sees Priyanka cooking. She takes the chilli bottle and applies some oil on it. She asks Priyanka to pass the chilli powder. Priyanka picks the bottle and it falls down. Kamini scolds her. Priyanka says sorry, it had oil on it. Kamini asks could you not check it once, you never stepped in kitchen, how will you know, who will pick this, your dad, did you get tears in eyes, you did loss and crying, clean it now. Priyanka gets a broom. Kamini asks her to pick the glass by flour. She blows chilli powder in Priyanka’s eyes. Priyanka screams.

She asks Kamini to please help her. Ranveer comes and asks what happened. Priyanka asks him to please help. He asks Kamini why is she not helping Priyanka. Shivaye is on the way. Ragini looks at him. She comes in front of his car purposely. Shivaye applies brakes and looks on. Ranveer asks what’s all this. Kamini says you think I have intentionally thrown chilli powder in her eyes, she does not know anything, I m teaching her so much. He says enough, I know what’s happening, you also know the truth. She says you are arguing with me, he forgot my love in 4 days because of Priyanka. She scolds Priyanka and asks her to leave from the house. Ranveer says fine, you don’t want Priyanka to be here, fine, come Priyanka. Kamini asks where are you going.

Anika gets a call. The lady says you came for interview, congrats, you have been selected for his job. Anika thanks her. She says this job is not just a job for me, fate gave me a chance to stand on my feet again, I have to look ahead, make Sahil’s life and my identity. Ranveer packs his bag. Kamini asks will you leave me for Priyanka. He says I promised her that I will always support her. Kamini asks him not to leave. She apologizes and says I did big mistake, I m a mum and could not see your love getting dividing, who else do I have, you just agree to Priyanka and doesn’t think of me, I feel insecure that you will leave, I told that to Priyanka in anger. He says how did you think this, you know how much I love and respect you.

She says you were leaving today, it means you can leave me anytime. He says its not like that. She says then prove I m saying and thinking wrong, you have same place in heart for me which you had before, I know I did mistake, I m sorry Priyanka, don’t leave the house. Priyanka says we won’t go. Ranveer says if Priyanka has forgiven you, I have also forgiven you. Kamini hugs them. She asks them to go to room. She says sorry my foot, I thought to take revenge from Oberois via Priyanka, but Ranveer has become wife’s puppet, he always stands in front of her, but he has to leave for training for three months, who will save Priyanka from me then. Pinky says Guru ji is coming tomorrow for havan, I will get a perfect girl for Shivaye, she will have name, blood and family. They see Shivaye getting Ragini in arms and get shocked.

Shivaye says you can’t take Om’s life decision alone. Tej asks who are you to stop me. Shivaye says I m his elder brother. Tej says I m his father, you could not manage marriage and talking of my son’s life. Shivaye takes a different avatar and races the bike to the end of the cliff. Ragini holds him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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